Yesterday, we received a top secret message confirming PT_'s 18th birthday.
Thus, PT_ is officially declared "Old Man" and given the unique opportunity of having a party. Razz

Happy 18th birthday and congratulations on becoming an official adult, PT_!
Happy burfday! I hope it's pretty nICE! (hahahhahahahahaha i'm so unoriginal)
Seriously, though, have an awesome day and congrats on surviving 18 years!
Happy birthday, PT_! I hope it's a very fun one, worthy of such a good, friendly guy. What do you have on your agenda for your birthday?
Happy birthday PT_! Have a wonderful day, and thanks for ignoring all of my crap Razz
Happy Birthday! Enjoy your 'party'!
Merry Birthday! Have a great day! Cool
Happy birthday PT_!
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday PT_! Finally an official adult! You can now legally purchase and consume alcohol as well as get married! (I had to check if these were also valid in the Netherlands and in fact, they are Razz)
mr womp womp wrote:
You can now legally purchase and consume alcohol as well as get married!

Right, I think marrying a bottle of beer is a good idea. Razz
Thanks guys! Very Happy
I had a great day yesterday, invited some friends and family, and we had much fun Smile
I'm one of the few persons that does not drink beer (yet) Rolling Eyes I was the whole day busy with personal stuff, friends etc (pretty tired right now), so no time to come to Cemetech, that is why I 'ignored' Mateo Razz (nothing personal Evil or Very Mad )

In respond to you all, I will try to release ICE within a week. nICE, right? Cool
Happy B-day PT! Very Happy
Graphing CalculatorGraphing Calculator Happy birthday PT_!!!Graphing CalculatorGraphing Calculator

Now get some sleep! Razz
Happy Birthday PT_! Hope it's super awesome Very Happy
Happy Birthday PT_!
Hope you have an amazing day!
Happy birthday PT_!
Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday, PT_! I'd have thrown together a small BASIC (or ICE) program that said "Happy Birthday, PT_!" in different colors, (That's just me: Using my calc for small, trivial tasks) but it's almost time for bed. Maybe I'll do it next year, or in a few days when I get time and post it here.
Happy birthday PT_! I hope that it is relaxing and awesome! Very Happy (Or wild and amazing as well!)
Happy Birthday, PT_! Congrats on living this long (that's what birthdays celebrate, right?), and thanks for all the programming you've done for the community! Very Happy
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