I think what would actually help me the most would be to be able to look at a BASIC program side by side with it's counterpart in C, so that i could compare them.

Does anyone know where i can find something like this?
Just put your Basic program into a .txt file and open it up in your IDE that you're doing your C coding in.
I meant ones that are already made that i can look at and compare...
You would just have to find one, and if you can't, your are out of luck Wink

IMO, you should just make a program that moves a rectangle or circle around the game, without comparing it to a basic program. It should be very simple, and be a good way to start.
It's a bad idea to base one programming language off of another. It may be a good way to start, but it can also lead to developing bad habits. Anywho, as Unicorn said above; have you tried compiling any of the example programs and playing around with them? The best way to learn is to practice, rather than theorize Razz
No, i haven't had the opportunity to access a compiler yet. I will make the test program in SourceCoder, and then i'll post it here! Thanks Unicorn and Mateo!! You guys are great!
Okay, forget everything ever said by me on this thread... I AM STARTING OVER!!!
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