I've spent some time over winter break working on a city simulator for the TI-84 Plus CE. I'm still working on it, but I have a well functioning (albeit simple) game. It uses colored letters to represent factories, houses, parks, and power plants. They all interact with each other (houses gain population from being next to parks and lose population for being next to factories). You earn money based on the number of factories you have, and can use it to buy buildings in the shop. It is written in basic, and requires a library for updating the screen (basic) and Text Lib (assembly).

Game: 7628
Basic Library: 1002
Text Lib: 1761

Total Storage: 10391

I want to post this online soon, but there are still bugs. Some of the bugs are easily preventable, like if you buy 13 items at once your inventory errors, so just don't do that. I should be done with it in 2 weeks or less.

Anyone have ideas for new features in the game? So far there are:

Small Houses: Boost Population
Large Houses: Boost Population
Parks: Boost Houses
Small Factories: Boost Economy
Large Factories: Boost Economy
Power Plants: Boost Factories

I might add random disasters that destroy/damage buildings, still haven't decided.

Looks pretty neat. Is the size of the city changeable at all? Anywho, keep up the good work! Very Happy
Yes, the city levels up as population and economic output increases. The city boundaries increase with each new level, to a maximum size of 10(x) by 7(y). The city in the picture is level 2 (the L is level). Currently there are 4 levels.
Indeed, sounds neat! Do power plants/factories negativly effect population happyness or something? And random dissasters would be cool. Smile
Large factories give all houses in their vicinity -2 population, and small factories give all houses in their vicinity -1 population. There isn't any sort of happiness meter at the moment, only adding or subtracting from the population.
This looks fun! I recently tried something really similar, except it was in pure Ti-Basic and instead of being a city sim, it was a casino sim. I recommend changing the single char short hand (not on the map) to words, and perhaps cleaning things up with some boxes? I am not a pro, but i feel like this would make it look a little more polished. I am really excited for this, as it looks really cool!
If you used ICE to compile it, then you can have direct control over the screen, and the ability to use sprites. Having limited sprites would go a long way in making it easier to understand,
Nice work!
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