hundredth post on this thread

I have been closely watching this project, and am glad progress has been resumed!

I like the idea of giving AoCE full RAM, as that gives you more wiggle room with the code. (Two year old terminology ftw)

I am anticipating great things from this project, so keep up the great work!
Nah, when I use a simple double buffer system, I have 69kB of free RAM, which definitely should be enough Smile
Scrolling works again, as well as double buffering Smile

This looks awesome!! I like the bushes Razz
This looks even better Razz

Great job PT_!!! I am loving the screenshots. Keep up the AMAZING work!!
Have you figured out what keys you are going to use for the scrolling? How about the numpad for scrolling the map, and the arrow keys for moving the (now nonexistent) cursor Very Happy
That was exactly what I said on SAX earlier today Razz
I will indeed change controls by scrolling the map with 1-9 and then the arrow keys will be for moving the cursor Smile
I like it! Very Happy
That gif looks much better than the previous one Smile
Keep it up!
Scrolling with a cursor now works Very Happy

Wow. That looks awesome! 👏
And selecting an area with your cursor as well Very Happy

It's cool that the cursor deletes the visual glitches. Progress looks great!
xMarminq_ wrote:
It's cool that the cursor deletes the visual glitches. Progress looks great!

It deletes them because they are not really supposed to be there, so they are not redrawn, and when the system erases the cursor's box with what ever should really be there, it overwrites it with the correct color, black.

It's amazing so far, but perhaps the cursor's box could be set at the same 45° tilt as the tiles?
Why are you using a cursor for selection?
MateoConLechuga wrote:
Why are you using a cursor for selection?

Why not?

I do agree that perhaps a tile-based (you know, the ones the highlight the tiles, and you use arrow keys to move the selection around) selection system may be better suited, but since he has this implemented and working, I'd say stick with it!
You guys clearly need to play the real AoE 2 Razz
Also, these glitches only happen when taking a screenshot, not when running in CEmu. It might happen due to the fact that I don't swap buffers correctly, but I don't care for now, I will add that later Smile
This is great! I didn't see that last screenshot until just now, but good job! Razz
I'm SUPER happy to announce that my pathfinding algorithm works for 99%! It uses A* to find the path, and once it hits the end tile, it just stops, rather than doing the reverse, to find the actual path in the closed list. The speed is now 28K cycles for this path:

Not that bad, I would say Smile

Here is the algorithm, any optimization is welcome Very Happy
Nice job on the pathfinding algorithm! For the mouse, I strongly recommend implementing acceleration. I'd be happy to share more details about how I implemented acceleration for Doors CS, for example (or you could look at the released code). Smile
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