ya me too. I would love a tournament
Me too. I might not have a lot of time, but the cross country season is almost over.
Lichess allows creating custom arenas, this is an option for us if we set a time and date.
To facilitate this, I have created a lichess team for cemetech members; the password for entry is the username of our site's founder. I'll manually approve users.

Just for future reference, I far prefer chess.com, but I am willing to use lichess.
sJRw wrote:
Just for future reference, I far prefer chess.com, but I am willing to use lichess.

lichess is completely free, in all senses so it has earned a spot in my heart.

In other news, I’ve announced a tournament:

We’re going to have our very first tournament this upcoming Friday evening.

It will be an unrated 5+3 Blitz tournament and will last for 45 minutes. If this time does not work for people, send me a message, as the time is subject to change. https://lichess.org/tournament/22kvTH2u

I’d love to get strong participation for this first time around, even if you aren’t a great chess player we’re sure to have fun. Feel free to join the team (details above)!
Me and most likely all europeans are not available at what for us would be 00:00. I would suggest 19:00 amsterdam, for starting times 9:00 to 14:00 in america/canada and starting times 18:00 to 21:00 in europe. Since most americans have to work at this time on fridays, I suggest doing the chess tournament either on saturday or sunday.

PS: 19:00 Amsterdam is 14:00 EST or 2PM EST if you want it written down that way
Any time between 1000 and 1700 mst would work for me on Friday, but I'm only available for a short period of time on Saturday.
We ended up having two tournaments, one traditional blitz tournament, and one where we experimented with a Swiss tournament to reduce the time between games and improve predictability.

Blitz tournament

I took the win in this first tournament between myself, commandz, Mateo, and TortillaMan, though commandblockguy was hot on my heels. We played a sum total of 565 moves in 9 games that you can explore here.

Swiss-style Blitz tournament

We found lichess’ default tournament style to be a little annoying with such few players. The Swiss system is much more predictable with regards to actually getting games to play. Myself, commandz, Mateo, and Michael2_3B played a total of 5 games, with commandz winning the tournament.

I think that in the future we’ll stick to the Swiss tournaments. Any opinions on the matter?
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