I would like to get into assembly programming in my TI 84 Plus CE. However, I am unsure of the differences between Z80 and eZ80. Will they both work on a plus CE?
I am not super good with asm, but I can tell you that they are incredibly similar, so much so that Z80 code is generally very easy to port to eZ80. I can tell you that Z80 will not work on the CE simply because that's not the processor that is in that calculator. Some more experienced programmer could help you with the specifics of what changes (like B_CALL becomes call _), but from what I can tell, not much as far as actual syntax goes.
As mr womp womp said, B_CALL is just call now. All of the registers are 24 bits now instead of 16. The registers are split up into (ex. HL) HLU, H, L. HLU is not readily accessible. There are 3 new commands: mlt, lea, and pea. MLT HL takes H * L and stores it in HL. I can't remember what it does to HLU. lea and pea, could probably better explained by someone else who uses them more often.
The ez80 processor has the option to switch between z80 and ez80 modes.
Information that I missed and explanations of all of this can be found here
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