Is there a release time yet? Can we use what you have already for GBC even if its buggy, like using it at our own risk?
You could download the master from the github, but I'm not sure that it would work, so it would definitely be at your own risk. Also, just a comment, TI-Boy CE is very popular at my school.
The branch with GBC support isn't on the public repo yet, so it can't be built that way for now.

As of yesterday I think I've almost hit a point of feature freeze, in terms of ensuring the CPU emulation has feature parity with the last release. This involved some substantial updates to memory access emulation to allow accurate timing for stack operations, and I also found and fixed almost half a dozen stack emulation bugs. But I want to get some good testing in after feature freeze, because I've definitely been burned before by releasing too soon after I make big changes.

In any case, I'd definitely like to get a release out before the end of the year. It could be sooner if I'm satisfied with the stability and I've looked into all reported accuracy issues from the previous release (some I already fixed, and there aren't that many others so I'd like to look into them).
oh ok thanks Very Happy
great progress on this project. Really pumped to play GBC
I've posted a new preview video, showing some gameplay of Super Mario Bros. Deluxe and Magi Nation:

As for my development progress, I've been continuing to test games and fix more bugs. There's still one major bug that's blocking release, however, which is causing multiple games to crash randomly. So far I've seen no full calculator crashes at least, but game crashes cause loss of progress since the last save, which is something I definitely want to fix. It's been difficult to replicate, unfortunately, so I'm not sure how long it'll take. Wish me luck!
Cool story, bro.

Just kidding, this is absolutely insane speed-wise. I am surprised by how smooth it is. Smile
Game Boy Color support is finally released! Check it out here (including a new video):

I think the bug I was tracking down was probably related to flash wait states on the calculator I was testing on, so I've increased them to the same as the C toolchain. Crossing my fingers that it's all fixed.

My next step is probably updating the GBC renderer to handle mid-frame palette changes, to fix colors in some games that get fancy and try to display more than 8 palettes in a frame.
This is great finally here I'm glad the bugs are worked out and this is released
This is an awsome release Smile
it works so good (Me playing oracle of seasons)
This is really exciting! I've been looking forward to the release for awhile. Keep up the great work Smile
Great work, as usual Smile
Absolutely juicy work right here. Good job, can't wait to try this shit out.
You don't need me to tell you good job, but I'll say it anyway. Such an impressive use of the hardware.
Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

I made a new blog post about JIT design, for people interested in that kind of thing. Enjoy!
A great read, awesome work calc84!
calc84maniac wrote:
Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

I made a new blog post about JIT design, for people interested in that kind of thing. Enjoy!

This is a great write-up! It really helps explain a lot of those design I couldn't gleam from just a cursory glance at the repository. Glad that you're utilizing your true strength somewhere where everyone can see: explaining interesting technical challenges at detail Razz A lot of your discord messages could be blogposts on their own!
Just curious Calc84, are you planning on adding GBA compatibility?
Lai wrote:
Just curious Calc84, are you planning on adding GBA compatibility?

Nope, it's an entirely different system (aside from some audio components, which I don't even emulate anyway) and the specs are a bit too high to emulate on the CE calculators.
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