What are your favorite bands? List a few below!

Mine are:

Five Finger Death Punch
(I will post more as I remember them, because I can't think right now)
Uh, I'll go with the FM band. You can make an FM antenna out of any piece of copper. Razz
oldmud0 wrote:
Uh, I'll go with the FM band. You can make an FM antenna out of any piece of copper. Razz

Yeah. My friend (an electrical engineer) and I rigged up two radios to be transmitters, and literally duct taped them to another radio, to create a really crappy walkie-talkie! (incidentally, we tested the huge, 50$ units against a set of 5$ walkie-talkies and the latter won (100 feet to 5 feet), but let's face it: a diy walkie-talkie with multiple wires and circuit boards hanging off looks so much better)
uh, I don't have any favorite bands, but I enjoy Jamie Berry and Parov Stelar. Smile
Ben Folds Five

Not so much a band but I also enjoy these artists:

This is what I'm listening to at the moment, a mix of artists I've routinely followed through the years and new artists that I've discovered through Spotifys Discover Weekly. I'm not sure how I got into Ghost but I love their music. It's this melodic and gentle sound, the lyrics are undoubtedly satanic and dark but they manage to orchestrate and choreograph everything into a wonderful symphony.

I discovered Wind Rose on Facebook a few months back and loved it. It was on one of those "Viral Video" pages and my friend shared it. It caught my attention because it was described as Metal music meets LOTR and I was very impressed. Some of their songs are a bit more power metal than I like. If you enjoy LOTR and aren't a huge fan of Metal, I encourage you to listen to this.

Hollywood Undead, I won't link here, is a band of 7. They all sing and you'd imagine that a group of 7 would be a chaotic mess between the vocalists. In case you haven't caught on, like Ghost and Wind Rose, manage to defy the odds. With Ghost, a calm and almost symphonic expression towards Satanism. Wind Rose mixes Scottish tunes with Metal in a way that makes you question why you ever hated Metal to begin with. But Hollywood Undead has this gangster sound over an incredibly catchy beat and the singers all bring their own personality to the songs. It's really fun to listen to.

With the exception of Macklemore and Enigma, I've discovered most of these artists through Spotify and they take a sharp turn from the three artists above. Naika, Laney and, Noah are almost acoustic and folky in nature. These guys are really good road trip music, windows rolled down with your friends in the car with you. They aren't anthems you'll find everyone singing too it's definitely music to chill out and enjoy the drive with.

Pretty sure we all know MØ and Macklemore, they continue to put out some incredible songs. As far as Enigma, they are an enigma. The music isn't for everyone but the song I linked to is rather spacey and has a curios vibe to it. If you listen to it more there is a chant about a third of the way through and then the beat comes in. Then more words in the same language. To me, it's all very humbling and grounding; something I can put on and just find my zen with. I bought this album I bought many, many years ago and continue to listen to.
These topics seem to show up with some vague regularity, so this is probably old territory but hey whatever.

Encephalon: Canadian electro-industrial with transhumanist themes.

Amorphis: metal from Finland not entirely unlike Nightwish stylistically, but more classically metal (not orchestral, use of dirty vocals, etc).

Aesthetic Perfection: not inaccurate to call it industrial pop, at least for much of the newer stuff?

The Birthday Massacre: darkwave; less synth, more rock instruments. Not unlike The Cure or Depeche Mode if you know those.

Comaduster: (also) Canadian I-don't-even-know-what (electronic fusion? digital filigree?). Unlike anything else I've heard, and super-good.
I don't have favorite bands. I prefer singer. And, i really like Santana. He is a legend. I love him becuase i also love latin music. I've got a music app from top1apk and i found lots of songs of him. I can't stop listening them over and over again,
oldmud0 wrote:
Uh, I'll go with the FM band. You can make an FM antenna out of any piece of copper. Razz

Shortwave all the way Cool

Also I like New Order, Depeche Mode, Erasure, Yaz(oo), Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Jean Michelle Jarre, and Vangelis among others. Smile
For me, it's mostly the Russian psychedelic rock band АукцЫон and also their leader, Leonid Fedorov.
uhh... let me make my mark

Imagine Dragons
No Doubt (face it: The 1990's were lit) ***SM84CE hides

more as I run through my YouTube playlist
I also just realized... I prefer singers more than bands Razz
Going through my playlist, I just figured that I may be a Taylor Swift fan... 9/33 videos are TS music videos
Some of mine would be:

Faith No More
Them Crooked Vultures
Alice in Chains

Edit: post count checks out for post about rock bands Good Idea
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