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I'm very new for coding and the platform. Was preparing for the questions on the HTML topic from here. I wasn't sure if there could be any more values to the target attribute. Q No - 26

According to w3schools.com, there is one other <a> tag target attribute: framename. It allows the link to be opened in a named iframe.

w3schools Source here

According to the MDN (a better source than w3schools:

Where to display the linked URL, as the name for a browsing context (a tab, window, or <iframe>). The following keywords have special meanings for where to load the URL:
_self: the current browsing context. (Default)
_blank: usually a new tab, but users can configure browsers to open a new window instead.
_parent: the parent browsing context of the current one. If no parent, behaves as _self.
_top: the topmost browsing context (the "highest" context that’s an ancestor of the current one). If no ancestors, behaves as _self.


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I'm pretty sure this is a clever advertisement, but good on you for giving it a complete answer, NoahK. Smile
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