Well, fall break is over, which means I'll work on this whenever possible. Probably over the weekends. Don't forget; the poll for the loading bar (a small one, ~ the size of the one in the screenshots in the poll, maybe even smaller) is still open.

A Loading Bar Poll

If you guys have any other ideas for this, feel free to post them in the thread. I'll be needing some calc jokes (accessible by inputting ".J" or ".JOKE" in the finished program).

I'm thinking of adding VAR support; input .V or .VAR and it'll prompt you for A-θ, which can be used for calculations, which means that anything controlled by random #'s will probably have the number be stored into the finance vars, unless you guys have some other suggestion for how I should store them.

I'll probably integrate my VirusChecker and my Temperature Checker into the prgm. This will also be CSE compatible!
Any calc jokes or suggestions, anyone?

No pictures! This is going to be coded in BASIC...
I'm early, let me think of a joke.

Your programs are pretty BASIC!

***TheLastMillennial watches as he loses all of his karma

On a more serious note, note this thread: https://www.cemetech.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=13072
TheLastMillennial wrote:
Your programs are pretty BASIC!

That's classic, and a good one!

TheLastMillennial wrote:
On a more serious note, note this thread: https://www.cemetech.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=13072

I tried to stay away from memes b/c they are picture based. When I see the word "picture" when I'm in calc programming mode, I think "that's a waste of ~21kb of Archive that could hold some games!"
Can we have some Eye Candy?
_iPhoenix_ wrote:
Can we have some Eye Candy?

Depends. What do you mean by "eye candy"? I'll see what I can do and what my basically BASIC skills can. I recently made a prgm that graphs a given y equation and sets the window based on a specified set of x-values. This was to test for function continuity.

tl;dr: I like a small challenge here and there.
Translation: Can we have screenshots?

I’d like to see your code for the program you mentioned; my interpretation is quite small and I could probably help optimize it.
EDIT: Got ninja'd by _iPhoenix_ Razz

I think by "eye candy" he means pictures and GIF. Wink
You can take screenshots with TI-Connect or CEmu, but with GIFs you have to use CEmu. Then you just upload it to an image hosting site (like imgur, etc.) and copy the direct-link of the image and wrap the link in [img][/img] tags! Very Happy
_iPhoenix_ wrote:
Translation: Can we have screenshots?

I’d like to see your code for the program you mentioned; my interpretation is quite small and I could probably help optimize it.

I've got to do something first, right now, it's just ideas on SC3. For the program I mentioned, I'm still adding a few features to it, I'll post or PM you the code when done.

EDIT: I think I finished the aforementioned prgm, I just need to bug test it, which means asking my math teacher if she would volunteer to try and break the program after I finish testing and fixing.
The program I mentioned before is being worked on, BonziCE is being worked on (mostly in my head), but I pulled an encryption/decryption system I made a few months back, looked at it, and said "This is terrible... I can optimize this a lot!".
So I optimized it.
Right now, I'm trying to make an "installer" for this program, which makes sure everything is in place and is the right size. So far, it ain't working. If I can't get this to work, I'll just drop the installer thing and make it a standalone prgm and an add-on for the in-development BonziCE.
I also just realized that my current method for BonziCE may only work on the CE. I'll have to test that later.

If anyone can help me fix the installer, that would be appreciated.
If you have any BASIC TI-BASIC suggestions, feel free to put them here. If I get multiple ways/ suggestions for the same thing, I'll make a poll...
Speaking of polls, This poll is still open, and will be open until ~5 days before the release of BonziCE, which might be in a while (months...)

EDIT: Installer fixed

The installer basically goes like this:

PROGRAM:INSTALLER -- this isn't the actual name.
Store a predetermined value to Z (14.92)
call the installer subprgm
if Z does not equal 14.92, return.  This is to prevent the subprogram from being run by itself.
Delete graphing var u (|u)
If PV does not equal 67231 (a random # one friend gave me)
Then store "404 to |u    // |u takes strings and converts then to a #
If PV does equal 67231
Then store "181 to |u
//Appropriate 'End" statements were placed
If |u is 404
Goto the NOT installed lbl
If |u does equal 181
If |u doesn't = 181 or 404
Goto the start of this entire code section

Pause Str5
Goto START of encryption/decryption Lbl // not included

Lbl NOT installed
Pause Str5+" to install
Goto INSTALL_FILES_MENU // not included

IRC wrote:
6:00:18 PM [ReGuess] A pun: When you forget to update the value of a variable, the old value it still holds is a "STO-away".
Thanks, ReGuess. The installer for the prgm mentioned above (the one above ReGuess' post) is solved/fixed, I just made a subprogram for time being. I will test and try to integrate it into the main program. As always (this might be getting repetitive/ boring, I'm sorry. I just want feedback/suggestions!) The poll is still going, as mentioned above), and feel free to post **ANY** suggestions for me in this thread.
Here’s one bit of advice (though I don’t always follow it) and I even have a relevant example.

As a general rule of thumb, programs with provided, working code screenshots generate more interest than programs without.

A great example of this is the recent program by JWinslow, who has much more experience than me in showcasing his programs. He included a gif showing off his current program, and included a download, even though his program didn’t even have a name yet. (On the other hand, I had two programs that I thought were cool, and posted text describing them, and source code, and nothing came of them.)

If you don’t provide code, we can’t help you improve your program.

If you don’t provide pictures, most of us won’t know what your program looks like.
I see what you mean, I'll probably make a gif showing the title screen and me exiting the program, after I get in a few more things added. Also, (un)fortunately, however you want to look at it, I'll throw in a ~5 pixel high loading bar, just to make it look "official" Notice the quotes. Also, Sorry, _iPhoenix_. I'll make it quick and painless.
SM84CE wrote:
Also, Sorry, _iPhoenix_. I'll make it quick and painless.

It’s your program; do what you want!

By the way, I tried out the TI-Basic Dev Kit thing/helper/program/thing, and I found it quite nice.

I did notice that overusing subprograms is listed as a “pitfall” on this TIBD page.

I’m popping you a PM on a fix for this Wink (You’ll understand when you read it)
I'll probably put up a gif of my encryption/decryption system (CE OS 5.2 and above) after I finish some more testing/ subprgm integration experiments. If enough people like it, I'll put up an upload to the archives. If enough people like that, I'll add it to BonziCE (screenshots for that coming later).
For my Encryption/decryption system, it currently supports the following characters (NO lowercase, it gets some confused w/ stat vars, even of the stat vars are included as well as the actual letters): If anyone wants me to add more stuff, I will try my best:

From SC3:


"*?!,.:'()[]{}/|\<;>+-~^@_#$%&|~...small0small1small2small3small4small5small6small7small8small9small10[<|][|>]uparrowdownarrowbolduparrowbolddownarrowinvertedequal=ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 1234567890
//Not all of it, I'm still working on it...
//Should I add token support?
Alright, I thought of this:


[var]++ >>> [var]+1 ->[var]
[var]-- >>> [var]-1 ->[var]

I'll need some implementation help though... (I get the find inString "++" or "--" and do the appropriate action, I need help w/ detection to see if the user ++'d or --'d a string. Suggestions welcome!
I have this, but the only problem is that there is not pure TI-BASIC way to insert the "->" sto arrow character into the string. I am using the pi character here instead. Input and output in Str1



Str1+" "->Str1
While Ans
Well, we have my site, and I could easily add a — or ++ clause, as well as the += *= \= ^= and -= operations.
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