Hi everyone, recently I downloaded the "Super Duper Ultra Hyper Mega Algebra II Program" by jason chu. However, when attempting to view it on my TI84 all the font on the menu is extremely small and bunched together, making it unable to read. The actual programs work great. Just can't navigate to said programs because the menu doesn't fit right.

I realize this is due to the program being configured for the TI83, but I was wondering if there is any way to convert the program to be compatible with the TI84 plus CE? If so, please let me know! This would be a huge lifesaver for me. Thanks.
You can go through the program and manually space all the text out, it's most likely squished because it is drawn on the graph screen, which is obviously quite a lot smaller of the ti83 and 84 (non CE)

Otherwise try running it in jsTIfied or wabbit emu, if you don't wanna sit through it
The only way to make it compatible would be to manually change the code yourself.

Are there really no math program substitutes in the CE/CSE section? All those are designed for your calculators display.

EDIT: got ninja'd by Pieman Laughing
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