Hello! I have been working on a demake of the NES game Fire and Ice in z80 assembly.
It is a puzzle platformer where you must eliminate all of the fire by maneuvering ice.
NES version longplay

I would consider it in the beta stage of development, with mostly polish and bug fixing left.

Here are some of the larger things I need to do:
    - BUG: fire sprite looks glitchy occasionally
    - BUG: ice in the editor can disappear by holding down the place button
    - BUG: in the level editor, the fire can show up impartially
    - have the player crouch as to prevent clipping with the tile directly above
    - remove the routines that creates the dummy appvar
    - allow user to input numbers in file name of an appvar
    - remove the ability to jump, only by block collision
    - show the controls for the level editor
    - add player animations
    - remove screen emptiness (this is a big one)

And some internal stuff...

Levels are stored in an appvar. Each level is only 28 bytes and there are 8 levels in an appvar.
There is also a built in level editor for editing and creating appvars.

I am also not super happy how my artwork looks right now. If anyone wants to help make some wacky 7x7 tiles, that would be awesome.

I plan to work on improving the title screen after working on the fire animation. I was not sure how to do the fire animation, so currently I exclude drawing fire in the map-drawing routine and use an interrupt to update a counter, which is used as an index to the sprite. But every game loop, I have to call a procedure to erase and redraw the fire. Could I include the redrawing in my interrupt routine, or will my interrupt take too long and infinitely loop?

I plan on releasing something by the end of the month, but I never really know how much time I have to program.
Hey, this looks pretty cool! It's great to see older calcs still being developed for Smile.
This looks awesome!!! Shoot me a PM and I would gladly help with your sprites, if you want
Jeffitus wrote:
Hey, this looks pretty cool! It's great to see older calcs still being developed for Smile.

Thank you!

Progress update:

    -The fire animation has been fixed

    -Touching fire makes you restart the level

    -The level editor now shows some of the controls

    -Finishing the levels in an appvar brings up a menu

    -Numbers can now be inputted using the up/down arrows when entering a map name.

Pieman also hooked me up with some character sprites, just have to add crouching and more polish...
Are you still working on this? It would be a shame to see this project go away!
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