Posted getKey tutorial video. It is added to the original post. Here is the link:

I review getKey(X and getKey->var in this video.
This looks awesome, nice work putting all these together! I look forward to future videos.
Your videos look exceptionally well thought out and done! Keep up the great work!
These are pretty great Smile
Thanks for the positive feedback! This is a short video I posted about double buffering (episode 7): The next video will take me a while (sprites) because I intend to go over rotation, scaling, transparency, and the whole lot of sprite commands. I thought about splitting it up into multiple parts but I'll probably make it one big video.
Please make sure to inform people that they can only scale square sprites right now. I made that mistake and was confused why my images were weird. Here's the code Mateo gave me to scale rectangular sprites:

//40 and 60 are the dimensions you want the output sprite to be. You can change them to any number.
Sprite_NoClip(SCALED, 0, 0)
Excellent, keep doing these kind of great videos, many people would appreciate it! Smile
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