I am electrical engineer looking for ways or programs to easily perform the calculation of Newton Raphson and Gauss Seidel methods on Power Flows problems using my casio fx-CG20.

these methods are used to solve equations of first degree and many variables in iteration approach. complex numbers are part of the calculation

can any one help me please
To my knowledge, there are no programs specialized to perform these sorts of problems that are hosted here. If you're willing to do some of the scripting work yourself, Eigenmath or the calculator's native BASIC interpreter may help you. Prizm Software Manual and the forum's own WikiPrizm can help you a bit with the calculator's form of BASIC.
If you have the code to do this in C you can incorporate it into a stand alone add-in (similar to eigenmath) - you will need to setup sdk on your computer and know C - so that’s an extra option to the above mentioned scripting and basic language.
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