Hi all,
I just bought brand new CASIO Algebra FX 2.0+ calculator. I have a stupid question, how do I enter command like "Graph r=" or "Graph (X,Y)=("?
I already found Graph Y= or Graph integral, but it seems the other graph type commands are gone.

BTW: it is 16 years old model and it has better support for complex numbers than fx cg 20 (with the latest FW), e.g. it can compute sin (i)
MPoupe wrote:
"Graph r="
The command seems not to be available on the keyboard, also FA-124 forbids this command. But if you somehow get the command to the calculator (e.g.by file transfer), the command works very well.
It seems there are more commands, which are supported, but not available on the keyboard, like different graph types, f₁~f₆, =>.
Interesting article is at http://casioprogramavenue.tripod.com/documents/nomoreif.txt
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