So, I've made a tilemap (100x100) in tiled and exported it as a csv, which worked, but when I type in the command prompt (yes, I'm in the correct directory with all the correct files), it only converts one byte.

<*directory redacted*>convcsv -i TerraCraftTilemap.csv TerraCraftTilemap.txt

converted 'TerraCraftTilemap' (1 bytes)

The output file 'TerraCraftTilemap.txt' has the following:

; converted using convcsv

TerraCraftTilemap | 1 bytes

Any ideas why this is happening and/or how to fix it?
Are you sure you have the latest version of the toolchain? If so, could you maybe upload your files to Github so that other people can try it out and possibly discover what the issue is?
Your CSV file only has one byte in it, so convcsv did exactly what it was supposed to do.
Yeah, that was it. I accidentally overwrote the csv with another file. My mistake lol.
One followup question: does ICE support tile values of zero? Tiled exported everything starting at one, where I wanted a tile (air) to have the id of zero.
Tiled exports starting at 0, and ICE supports 0.
Last thing, sorry: is the tilemap.txt that was created from convcsv supposed to be an 8xp? If so, would I just rerun the command slightly differently as such:

convcsv -i TerraCraftTilemap.csv TerraCraftTilemap.8xp
No, you're supposed to use the string in tilemap.txt with DefineTilemap().
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