About an hour ago, a youtube video was released containing a cipher.
Reddit has already begun work on deciphering it, and have gotten past turning the hex into ascii... lol
rulupancakes wrote:
It is time to figure out this little easter egg hunt LEMMiNO has left for us in his new video: "Top 10 Facts - Reddit", so of course the most logical place to start this is in his subreddit. I have already found the little code he made in the credits to his video, so i'm posting the code here, and the picture once i figure out how to do that.

41 4c 50 48 41 4e 55 4d 45 52 49 43 41 4c 49 5a 45 20 54 48 45 20 54 48 49 52 44 20 53 45 47 4d 45 4e 54 3a 20 35 34 34 20 31 39 20 35 20 31 30 31 33 20 37 32 32 20 35 30 34

The hex converts to


Of course, now that the cipher is reaching a lot of people, it's only a matter of time before it gets figured out. I thought I might as well post it here as well and see if Cemetechers can come up with something.
I tried messing with it myself a little bit, and found this which is part of a file munging program meant for CD ripping. I find it interesting that the cipher says "ALPHANUMERICALIZE THE THIRD SEGMENT", and the 3rd segment is "5", and the name of the program is "abcde". Feel free to leave any insight or eureka moments in the thread Razz who knows, maybe Cemetech will be the first forum to figure it out Evil or Very Mad
544 19 5 1013 722 504 could be the nth letters of the alphabet, encoded as n+(26*m), which would yield 24 19 5 25 20 10 = X S E Y T J (or if it's 0-indexed, W R D X S I). Either of those encoded as Atbash would be CHVBGQ or DIWCHR, which doesn't make much sense.

Another option could be the bit representations:
1000100000 10011 101 1111110101 1011010010 111111000

You could try grouping those into octets:
10001000 00100111 01111111 01011011 01001011 1111000
Which once again doesn't really yield anything useful, since most of those are outside ASCII.

You could try grouping by septets instead:
1000100 0001001 1101111 1110101 1011010 0101111 11000

Yet again, relatively useless. More information would be helpful.
I think it just means the letter M!
This was solved a day later by the way: https://www.reddit.com/r/LEMMiNO/comments/7v92x3/how_to_solve_the_top_10_facts_reddit_puzzle/
Thanks Mateo! This was much more difficult than I thought it would be.
Thanks for posting the follow-up, Mateo. I was wondering what had happened with this cipher. That's much more complicated than I had anticipated as well, and relies on having reviewed much more of the source material (ie, watched the video) than I suspect most of the people who had been attempting to solve it had done.
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