I want to start learning ASM, so I looked at this as a guide. It said I needed an editor. It recommended NotePad++, but that is for windows. So, I just downloaded Atom and Sublime Text as my editors. I made my folder "My first ASM program", and within that, "bin", "includes", and "tools" and within the proper folders, "Example.asm", "ti84pce.inc" and "spasm.exe". I downloaded spasm for mac, renamed spasm to spasm.exe, saved the ti84pce.inc website thing as ti84pce.inc, and made Example.asm with Atom, and saved as the correct name. I made build.bat but renamed it to build.bash to run. (Is that ok?)

My questions:
  1. Do I have to change the build code for mac?
  2. it says ".exe", but I'm on mac, and exe's are for windows. Do I need anything specific? Do I leave it unchanged?
  3. Are there any other things I need to do to make it work on mac?
  4. Did I make ti84pce.inc correctly? And if not, how should I do it? (I saved the page as ti84pce.inc)

EDIT: MateoC helped me make it! Runer told me how to correctly make ti84pce.inc, so now I'm done! (with this Razz)

Sort of offtopic, but also sort of on topic.
I have a folder full of sprites (pngs) that I want to convert using ConvPNG. convpng.ini is there. I put convpng in the folder. I ran convpng, but it said convpng.ini didn't exist. It did. There were no typos in the name, or anything like that. Talking to MateoC on IRC like 2 months ago, I wasa able to fix it, but I don't remember how anymore. Any ideas?
I have a question:
If I want to compile a program that I didn't make, and I have every part I need, do I just need to put all the extra files in the folder? Like sprites and sub-parts in "includes", and maybe other tools in "tools"?

OR, should I load it all onto SC3? Every time I try compiling an asm program on SC, it has errors. Half the time, none of the errors show up in the code.
Could you put the solution on here? I have the same problem as your original problem.
This is an extremely old topic, and a lot of the tools here aren't commonly used anymore. In particular eZ80 Heaven is no longer the best guide, this one is better. You can also always just write assembly code as part of a C toolchain project.
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