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CalcuGamer is a website for people searching for games for the TI-84+ CE. This website is a navigation tool of games from Cemetech,, or games from other websites like Github so it's easier to look for games. I linked the original file link of the game to the Download buttons you see in the website.

Made by Epic Project

Did you ask permission before hosting other people's work? Do you understand that the authors of the programs have no way to provide updates or support for the programs?

For my programs, can you please link the download to the cemetech link rather than hosting it on Google drive please?
Although IANAL, please note that it's at best impolite and at worst probably a copyright violation to host others' games without permission. TI84CalcWiz is a great example of what not to do, for example.

Edit: To add a little positive to the negative: I appreciate the effort you put into making the website, even if misguided. May I recommend that instead of posting other people's hard work without permission, you instead use it to showcase your own programs and projects?
Here is a tip:
Theoretically, oen could argue that TI84CalcWiz did not respect the licenses via not including them in the actual download itself. Here is a snippet from the MIT license, the one I like to use. TI84CalcWiz broke it by making the license link in a separate link on a different page. [url=]I called him out publicly before/url], but I doubt he took it seriously. wrote:
The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

Also, please take down programs on your site if the author wants them removed. I just don't want to deal with another TI84CalcWiz/CalcPlex, even if you are technically following the letter of the law.
I am very sorry for violating. I didn't know you needed to ask permission. Since websites like CalcPlex had done it. I wanted to basically make a website with more of the games and make it more simple. I will delete this post and keep the website private. I am sincerely sorry.
What you can keep the site up there's nothing wrong with it? I think it is one of the best looking sites out there' for the games. I hope I didn't discourage you Sad

The only issues authors tend to have is there is no way for us to manage the programs - if you just use the download link for Cemetech (don't even have to show the page) that solves 90% of the issue.
I appreciate your respectful and mature attitude about this, as with sites like CalcPlex people have been expressing what they feel uncomfortable about for years now with almost no response at all.

You don't need to private the website, just make some changes, and in fact if your goal was simply to make the process of getting games more simple that's a respectable idea. It also looked quite nice Smile

I personally would be fine with any of my projects being featured, as long as the download link points back to Cemetech where it can be easily updated and you're not making a fortune off of ads or other stuff on the website. I think a number of other people would also be okay with something like this, provided you simply ask for permission from them before featuring their projects.
Thanks! I was scared I would have to delete the site. Since I had put a lot of effort into it. I will fix the download links when I have time.
epic_project wrote:
Thanks! I was scared I would have to delete the site. Since I had put a lot of effort into it. I will fix the download links when I have time.

I'm glad that your work will not go to waste! Just make sure to remove programs that you're still waiting on permission to upload from the authors, so as to avoid any future issues and just be polite in general.

Also, a quick suggestion: Would it be possible to sort the projects by alphabetical order as well?
I was planning to do that. Maybe I will consider it.
Nice looking site I would recommend buying a cheap domain usually somewhere between $10-20 you can find cheaper than that too. I would also recommend using cloudflare for your dns and namecheap as your registrar. I would recommend setting up the site on like nginx or something. Just a suggestion though don't let my opion stop you from what you want to do. (Also if I ever upload some games you can link to them from either cemetech or github:p ) Very Happy
You can put CalcClicker on there. It's the best clicker on the TI-84 + CE!
I have fixed the website. I removed the Google Drive links and replaced them with all the Cemetech Download Links.
This looks great! This is seriously really helpful for downloading stuff and I've already discovered a new game that I hadn't known about before. Thanks for being respectful about the copyright stuff and being willing to comply.
epic_project wrote:
I have fixed the website. I removed the Google Drive links and replaced them with all the Cemetech Download Links.
Thank you for quickly correcting the site and using the Cemetech download links! There's a lot to like here. I like the author credits aren't hidden behind an extra button unlike Calcplex. The 'awards' section is a cool addition! I also like you linked ti84calcwiz's tutorial since there's no reason to make your own video when there's already a great one out there.

I feel like the list of games is starting to become a bit too long for listing the all just on the side bar. Perhaps a dedicated page (which I imagine could look similar to your homepage layout) listing all the games could help!

The last thing I'd like to see added to the site is resources guiding users to expand their knowledge on calculators. This could be as simple as links to or Cemetech. There's nothing wrong with Calcplex, ti84calcwiz, and your site sharing a lot of the same catalog however, I'd just like your users to understand there's a lot more to calculators than just those games.

It's a snazzy looking website, looking forward to seeing it develop!
Cool sight, i checked it out earlier, is it just for ti 84 plus CE games? or does it have monochrome ti 84/ti83 plus games too?
Nice! Is there any reason you can't just link directly to the download file on Cemetech so you don't have to open the Cemetech page just to download the file? e.g.
MateoConLechuga I tried doing that before but when you click the button, it goes to the Cemetch download link instead of just downloading it directly from my website.
TheLastMillennial I am a huge fan of your channel and love your tutorials. I started watching your channel ever since I got my calculator Very Happy . Thank you all for the support! I may even consider adding more games for other calculators instead of only the TI-84+ CE. Thank you guys! Mr Green
CalcuGamer now has a new domain! Now its
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