For my next project, I'll be working on Retro Bowl: Calculator Edition. It'll run for TI-84 Plus CE TI-84+ CE and maybe TI-Nspire if I can learn all that stuff too. I'll try to do all the features, but maybe not. Also, I only have ~200 lines of code and this is one of my first projects, so I may call it quits before it's fully done, but I won't do that quite yet; I'll at least get in a working game hopefully. As far as I'm aware, everything but pixelation should be able to run it, so I'll just use custom (and probably terrible) pixel art. If I chance to finish, maybe I'll add in a defense mode and/or a 2 player game with the link cable. Can't think of anything else to say: stay tuned.
Retro Bowl is a really fun game that I think lends itself fairly well to being ported to a calculator, so that would be cool to see. That being said, I do think it's a little ambitious for a first project. What language are you writing it in?

Best of luck and I hope you learn something in this endeavor Smile
Honestly sounds like a good game to bring to the ce library. Lmk if you want help with sprites I will be happy to help.
I would love to have a bowling game, but I agree with jeffitus that it seems a little ambitious.
Jeffitus wrote:
What language are you writing it in?

I'm using C, though I haven't had much experience in anything other than Javascript, and even then I only did a few projects around a couple thousand lines, so this could be a challenge. Also,
Invalid_Jake wrote:
Lmk if you want help with sprites I will be happy to help.
I'm not too experienced with Cemetech, as you can tell by my maybe 4 posts, but if there's some way for you to give me some images, I'd gladly appreciate it.
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