Completion status: COMPLETE!well at least the contest build is, I may add more minigames in the future

Thread time, thread time, it's thread tiiiiiiiime!

Might as well post my current plans for the game I'm planning:

Working Title: Flambé

Platform(s): Currently targeting 68k basic(Specifically TI-89), may switch over to TI-84+ BASIC though if the need arises

gameplay: Not telling but let's just say it involves cooking extremely unorthodox ingredients Evil or Very Mad
Nice! Is it written in C (if so, you can find the sdk here), or BASIC? Both are very powerful languages.

Edit: whoops, didn't see the description. If you feel like it, you can always rewrite it in C.
Can't wait to finally put pineapple on pizza! Very HappyD
Michael0x18 wrote:
Nice! Is it written in C (if so, you can find the sdk here), or BASIC? Both are very powerful languages.

Edit: whoops, didn't see the description. If you feel like it, you can always rewrite it in C.

I don't think I'm ready for 68k C yet. Razz
Update: due to issues with the TI-89, I've decided to switch over development to the TI-83+/84+. I'll be using TI-BASIC + Celtic III going forward.
Quick update:
I unfortunately lost most of yesterday's progress in a RAM reset, but fortunately I made a backup beforehand so I only really lost the sprites I had made, all 2 of them.

The project now has a GitHub, found here:
I figure it's time for an update!

The gameplay will be somewhat like WarioWare- short minigames revolving around a variety of tasks to cook calculators for an unnamed restaurant. I don't have much to show so far, but expect some gameplay by the end of the week.

Here's a quick look at the menus-
Yet another update:
- Celtic III is now optional somewhat - the game will still run without it but you won't be able to play any of the minigames beyond the first 2. This also has the side effect of allowing the game to still be able to run on the CSE/CE, but I do not reccommend playing this game on the CSE/CE- It won't display correctly.
Looks good so far, Oxiti8, especially that main menu screen. I also consider it a good policy to make the game compatible for the later calculators (non-Celtic compatible).

Keep up the good work!
Thanks epsilon!
That reminded me I haven't posted any screenshots in a bit- So I'll fix that now.

(no minigames are completed at this point so the menus are a little broken)
- The game can detect if you have Celtic III or not. If you don't have it it will tell you to get it on the "INFO" screen, as seen in the GIF above.

I've also made a transition for the main game mode("Get Cooking") that plays in between minigames.

It uses the slow circle( command rather than the fast one (or the Celtic III draw shape command) to prevent the transition from being too fast and to keep compatibility with the CE/CSE.
The game is now in somewhat of an alpha state!
There is a functional game loop now with transitions, and the first minigame is mostly complete- I still need to fix the failure condition and make graphics that aren't just a line Rolling Eyes Still, this gif should give you a good idea of what the final game will play like:

So, what do you think? Any suggestions for minigames/graphics/improvements/etc. or just general comments?
More progress!

I've implemented a high score system, finished the graphics for the first minigame, added a way to tell if you've won(SMOKIN'!) or lost(LUKEWARM) a minigame on the transition screen, and added an option to quit the game on the menu.

Coming next post: Work on the game's README, +2 minigames
I've done a bit of work on the README and made some simple ASCII art for it:

|‾‾‾   |     /\    |\    /|   |‾‾/   |‾‾‾
|---   |    /__\    | \  / |   |--    |---
|   |___   /    \    |  \/  |   |__\   |___

2nd minigame is complete, and the 3rd minigame should be done by later today.

I should note that from now on, this game won't work on the 83+ as I've stated using timers. some parts may still work on the 83+ tho but don't try it
This is looking awesome so far! I can't wait to give it a try. Very Happy
Update: 3 minigames out of the 5 I currently have planned are complete!

Here's a preview of minigame 3:

In this minigame, You are a snowman, represented by "8". The "F"s represent the flames. You must escape the building without turning back, or else you'll get burned.burned? melted? whatever.

Also, this should be the last non-celtic III minigame. I was going to use Celtic III for this one, but I soon realized I had no real application here as this uses the home screen, so... Rolling Eyes

In this minigame, you'll throw matches to start a stove.

Beginning to reconsider Celtic III usage but we'll see
Flambé V1.0 is finished, and has been submitted!

It contains a total of four minigames, a highscore table, as well as "Get Cooking" and free play modes.
Might as well post the GitHub release! I haven't submitted this to the archives yet:
Flambé V1.0 is now available on TI-Planet here:

Flambé is now available in the archives here:

On a bit of a side note, I've started translating Flambé into French. I'll be sure to post about the translation here when it's finished sometime this weekend.

EDIT: The translation is now included in a folder labeled "FR".
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