I feel awful posting this for myself, but I had a big birthday today!
So far today sucks, but I am hoping it will get better.
See you all soon!
Happy birthday Wavejumper! Hope things go better for you! Very Happy
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday! You can gamble now!
No need to apologize. Happy birthday!
Happy birthday Very Happy
Happy birthday Smile
Happy belated big birthday Wave!
Happy belated birthday! Hope things are looking up.
Things are not looking up.
My birthday went uncelebrated. No fanfare whatsoever.
In fact, I was told if my parents don't get custody, they will basically disown me and kick me to the curb. That was a fun conversation on my birthday.
I am still looking for a job, and everything that can go wrong has gone wrong. Read: I have applied for at least 10 entry level jobs, and nobody has responded.
Im happy all of you people are happy though!
I plan on working more on a project I havent posted yet, and am waiting to post once it's a bit more fun.
I'm very sorry to hear that Wave, that situation really sucks.

May I ask what you mean by custody? Are there any city resources (like gov support services) near where you live that may be able to give you some advice? (What country do you live in if you don't mind me asking?).

If there's anything we can do to help you let me know.
Wavejumper3 wrote:
I have applied for at least 10 entry level jobs, and nobody has responded.

I don't know is this helps or not, but them not responding doesn't necessarily mean they rejected your application.
I live in new jersey.
I am hopefully going to be under my grandparents custody, so my parents kicking me out wont mean much.
My grandparents have already said they would take me in.
Sorry to hear about your situation Wave.. But if you end up under the custody of your grandparents then hopefully that will be a much more pleasant living situation for you!

I know it's hard, but keep persevering with the job applications. Eventually you'll get an interview and even if you don't land it, sitting through interviews in itself can be a good learning experience.
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