I'm part of my school's knowledge bowl team which is a competitive quiz-type activity where people try to guess the answer quicker than the other two teams. At the end of the year, our coach lets students create their own question sets and I figured that since I'm a captain I should make my own (that's not filled with jokes like it has been in the past). The problem is that it is hard to come up with 45 questions and figured I would open it up to Cemetech members for offering questions because if my friends made them they would already know the answers. If anyone has questions they would like for me to include in my set, please feel free to post a reply along with its answer.

Example 1:
Q 1: On “The Day the Music Died,” three singers were killed in a plane crash on their way to Minnesota. Name two of the three singers.
A: Buddy Holly AND/OR Ritchie Valens AND/OR J.P. “The Big Bopper” Richardson

Example 2:
Q 2: What type of logic gate returns true if the two input values are opposite?
A : XOR OR Exclusive-OR

Note they often offer a variety of subjects (english, math, science, history) and math questions normally involve knowledge of up to and including Pre-Calculus
Wouldn't an OR gate or NAND gate also be an appropriate answer for example 2 since the question didn't say "if and only if," but just "if?"
What sets do you compete on normally (NAQT, HSNCT, house writes)?

I'm not going to give any questions because I can sell them to NAQT.
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