It would be nice when I click a link to a deleted post if the forum would at least offer to take me to what's left of the topic thread itself, if it's still publicly visible, instead of basically saying, “Sorry, you're SOL! Go find it yourself, loser! HAHAHAHA” Wink Especially since I haven't found the Google-based search bar a particularly helpful experience.
I agree with your suggestion, and am too irritated by it but I think it'll be a little hard to implement. Our URL structure for posts only points to the post ID, and we retrieve the correct topic from that. For example, the URL when I came to this topic is Once we delete the post, the entry is gone and we have no way of knowing which topic that post ID belonged to.

Perhaps in the next iteration of the Cemetech forums, we can implement this feature request and change the URL for posts to include the topic ID too.
Okay, then. Smile

On an unrelated (and less urgent, perhaps) note, I happened to notice when I got the email notification for this thread that the UTF-8 quotes I used in the title weren't encoded correctly in the subject line of the email. It looks like there was an attempt to use raw Windows-1252 in the message headers instead of the proper protocol. Not that I'm one to judge given that we still have our share of character encoding handling issues in places on as well. Wink
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