Hello everyone!

I've recently begun developing an RPG for the Ti-83+/Ti-84+. This is the first actual game I've ever made with TI-Basic (I've played around with C# and Unity a lot before), It's not the most polished game ever and it's already at a whopping 9KB at 60% way through development but I've done a lot of research and read through a lot of articles and wiki pages so my code isn't completely trash.

The Game is not in a playable state currently but movement will be implemented relatively soon.
All gameplay displayed to the home screen and text-based.

Features already Implemented
-Towns with automatically generated names (Prefix and Suffix, EX: Dusty Acres or Red Field)
-Each Town has shops with random equipment
-Inventory with unlimited slots(as much as the memory can survive)
-5 Types of weapons 3 Types of Armors
-Leveling System for Player and Individual Equipment
-Smith for Upgrading Stats and Levels on Armor and Weapons
-11 Different Skills/Spells to use during battle
-Enchanter to upgrade Spells
-Decent Attempts to prevent memory leaks
-Loot/Shop Items/Enemies Level in difficulty with player

Features to be Implemented Soon
-PvE Screen
-Randomly Generated Dungeons You can walk around in with traps with Random Treasure
-Many Enemies
-Boss Dungeon
-Unique Bosses
-Random Map Encounters
-Heavy Character Stat Development

Features to be Implemented In the Future
-Separate PVP program between to different calculators
-Port Singleplayer character over to it and back
-Quest System through Tavern in Towns
-Save and Load System
-Much more optimized Code

Main Theme of Game
-Randomly generated fresh experience
-Rise and Grind gameplay leveling up player and equipment
-Easy to mod/Add content
-Develop character then pit it against other players/friends

Overall I have a very good idea planned out for development of this game and confidence that its well within my skill level to make. I also made the game relatively easy to mod. With a few tweaks to calling matrices and lists, it should be simple as adding an array of variables and a name to the item or enemy and it's automatically implemented into the game.

The last thing I haven't planned out is the story and name of the game, I feel like once I create the base game and implement quests finally I can flesh out the story with a dynamic but not game-ending conclusion.
Sounds real cool! Can't wait!
The description sounds awesome, planning is key to big projects.

Look forward to seeing what you can come up with.
Hey Everyone!

Just a quick Update on the progress, I've been doing a lot of testing recently getting the already implemented features working. Btw, SourceCoder is a great help with this when it's not being uptight about certain tokens.

I've built an Enemy Generator that comes up with randomly generated equipment and loot which also levels with the player. The generator picks from 20 newly implemented monsters among them 6 dungeon bosses. I'm currently working on the way Battling works so expect another update regarding how that's going along with a few screenshots in a few days.

Otherwise, here's a gif of the town screen and how the naming system works at face value(Ignore the angry messages my calculator sends back, all the code hasn't been pieced together yet from different programs)

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