For years, TI has been notoriously bad at naming their calculators. I think they just pull the names out of a hat at this point.
While discussing TI-84 plus CE color names in SAX, it dawned on me that there are 4 nearly identical colors.
Blueberry, Denim, Lightning and Bionic Blue.
Are there that many shades just for blue? Or are there multiple for red, gray, etc?
I think that's way too many shades of one color.
There are only that many shades of blue. Pink has a few if you count rose gold, plum and coral in the same category but they aren't super similar. I think once you reach a point where if someone were to bring you a calculator, you couldn't tell which shade it is without comparing it to another calculator, you've gone too far.
Don't forget the blue variant of the TI-83 Premium CE (005EB8 ?), which I think is between the Denim (003C71 ?) Lighting (0077C8 ?) 84PCEs:

There is also a blue TI-84 plus CE-T which seems to be somewhere around Lightning in shade Razz

Strangely, the CE-T is only offered in black, red and blue.
I know the picture is a bit wonky, but I couldn't find any proper pictures. I think in real life it might be a bit darker because they probably just used the same color as the early CEs. (Since black, red and blue were the first colors for the american CE)
The blue variant seems to be quite rare, and the red seems to be significantly rarer (I've only ever seen 1 picture of it)
They also made the awful blue-green one which has a serial number, a date code and it was packaged, so I would say it counts...

The 2 unreleased Teal variants aren't really blue, they don't match the others and they don't have serial numbers/date codes, in fact, they have "NOT FOR SALE" engraved on them so I'll give those a pass Laughing
Just look at the Graphing Color VARS, there's like 4 different Blues...
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