For those of you who prefer building over PvP or mining, your time has come at last. I am hosting this contest to help me with creating islands for the bedwars minigame. The objective of the contest is simple: Create a bedwars island! Look at examples of islands on Youtube and other image-hosting sites. This contest will last one week, at which time a group of impartial judges will select the best 4 to become part of the map. Construct the island anywhere within your base and post the coordinates on this thread.

Prizes will be available as follows:
1st place: 50% off a 14x14 Black Market plot and a free 6x6 plot, 3 free tries at ACag's trident machine, a coupon to ACag's shops.

2nd place: 1 free 6x6 Black Market plot, 2 free tries at ACag's trident machine.

3rd place: 1 free try at ACag's trident machine, 1 free 6x6 Black Market plot.

4th place: a coupon to ACag's shops

** Prizes subject to change **
I have a few questions about the contest:

Does the island have to be a functional bedwars island? I.e. should it have dispensers and a clock to drop iron and gold? Should we try to implement a shop? Or, should it just be a bed, chest, and enderchest? The shop would be very hard to implement but I could imagine an equipment station so that when you respawn a sword and armor get dispensed.

So basically is the contest about building an aesthetically pleasing island or a functional one?

Also, what do you plan on doing with the designs? It sounds like having a bedwars competition on the server, but 4 different island designs will make the game uneven, especially considering there is no specified dimensions and someone could make a 10x10 and someone else a 25x25.
1) The island is for design purposes only. The dispensing might be command-based or redstone-based... gotta work that out with admins. So just build something for design.

2) The 4 winning designs will likely end up being part of 4 different possible maps, rather than used in the same map. Or, if two designs are similar enough, they might be made into 2 maps.
So I finished my Island, leaving both a 3x3 spot inside for an island generator and 2 separate 2x2 spots for villagers if that's how you plan to implement the shops. Also, there is a regular chest and an ender chest, just like Hypixel bedwars in case you play it in teams (For a personal chest and community chest).

The coordinates for it are 670 -350 and the island is also accessible by going through my nether portal located on the left side of the nether hub (facing away from the trident) and walking down a little past the Glass path (But before Dnar's Villager Shop).
NyteFyre (MemeLord) and I have finished an island at (610, -340). It is roughly 40 blocks west of NyteFyre's other island, so anyone should be able to get to it by the same route. It has a 3x3 generator platform and 2 spots inside for villagers. The entire island is grayscale (except for that darn ender chest) and the regular chest was replaced with a gray shulker box to fit the theme.
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