I’m making a TI-84 Plus CE C program with the CE C SDK and it seems to have a bug. Sometimes, rarely, when I boot the program from Cesium (not sure if that’s important) it boots to a glitchy colorful screen. When I press the reset button, the screen turns white. When I press reset a few more times, the calculator resets as normal. My initialization code is:


   slot = ti_Open("APPVAR","r+");
   if (!slot) {
      os_PutStrFull("Not enough storage space for appvar. Free some RAM.");
   if (!ti_GetSize(slot)) {

writeVars() is a set of ti_Writes and after that readStorage() is a set of ti-Reads. Is this the issue or is something else causing my crash?
Without seeing all of the code we have no idea Razz

You can PM me if you don't want to release the source.
Sorry for the double post, but I found more information. It seems to happen on my calculator when I RAM clear, then create any program and run Cesium, and run my program from there. I have no clue whatsoever why either of these would affect it. This does not occur for me in CEmu.
Sorry for the triple post, but the same problem just occurred to me with Portal, which is coded in ASM. The screen gets completely garbled and slowly gets whiter until the screen is white or you RESET. So I guess it’s a bug in Cesium and not in my program. I am using Cesium 3.0.6.
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