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My CC22 entry will be a drag racing game, DR1VE, for the TI 84 Plus CE. It will include a career mode, the ability to create a custom car, a dealership with dozens of unlicensed cars, and a quick race mode. It is currently in development. However, don't expect too much. There is a non-negligible chance that I will not be able to complete this project or that it will not be ready in time. Also, I'm not that great with programming yet. Just wanted to let you know. However, I have the title screen and main menu done, and am working on the garage now.

P.S. Could someone help me out with attaching my images to the topic? I've got some screenshots I'd like to share.
That sounds quite ambitious but good luck.

To do images, upload to imgur and then paste the url here, surrounded by an opening [img] tag and a closing [/img]

That looks fantastic! What language is it in?
Nice screenshots, although you probably just want to edit the main post and put them there so people finding the thread don't have to scroll down to find the screenshots. Also, consider using CEmu for testing and screenshots in case your program clears ram.
Those are some huge images but I don't care because the content looks amazing. Good luck with your submission!
It's written in ICE. Also, thanks for the positive feedback!
Very nice! Those are some great looking screenshots. Can't wait to see what the gameplay ends up looking like!
Garage process 1. Obviously, this is still in a very early stage of development. In the gray space in the middle, your current car and its name will reside. I finished the EXP calculation stuff, seen in the top left corner, as well as the money, seen in the top right. The tool bar will be universal across almost all screens, so you can see your EXP and money wherever you go. Let me know if you want to see any changes, as now is the time to make them.
Currently finishing the selection menu for the garage. It will be dynamic, changing as you buy and (maybe?) sell cars. It was kind of difficult, but almost done now. The dealership will use almost the same menu, but will show the cars you do not have instead of the ones that you do. The menu will be accessed by pressing Select in the garage or dealership.

Next project will be to store your cars, money, and EXP in an archived appvar. I have a pretty good idea how to do this, and have been doing some tests, recently, but help would be appreciated regardless. My current strategy is to just allocate a bunch of memory within the program and read and write from the appvar to this memory as required.

On another note, does anyone have any suggestions?
Great Progress! Finally, a better racing game for the CE!
Hey, I'm about to start with making car sprites using Mateo's ConvPNG tool (they'll be something like 100 x 30 each). So, any car requests?
The DeLorean from Back To The Future!!!!!
I have two: the Yugo and the Volvo 240 Wagon
epsilon5 wrote:
Hey, I'm about to start with making car sprites using Mateo's ConvPNG tool (they'll be something like 100 x 30 each). So, any car requests?

Ooh, cars from Burnout Paradise! I'd say the one that can hover and the one that can swap between boost types. Here they are. Smile
Alright, I'll try to add these (except for the boost swapping car, sorry, but that is going to be too hard to implement in the time frame).
Oh! You don't need the boost-swapping thing, I just like the look of the car. Razz
Will the DeLorean be able to time travel, or atleast have a cool effect if the speed is above 88 mph?
For those of you who don't know, the DeLorean from BTTF's time travelling "feature" is triggered at 88 miles per hour
I don't know, we'll see. The primary focus for me right now is just getting all the different pages working correctly. If I have some extra time, this is something I would like to implement, though.
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