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Update- Bug fixes done!

Screenshots will come ASAP, sorry I haven’t got them up yet.

EDIT- Here’s a screenshot.
Looks great! Keep it up.
I’ve been pretty busy over the last few days adding new stuff. Here’s what’s new.
-an actual title screen
-AI improvements
-a full “about” section (similar to BasicTH’s)
-a real-time readout on how much distance is between you and your opponent, in feet
-UI improvements to make the game look better
-more menu functionality (go back to the previous screen/ quit at any time)
-scrolling yellow lines in the race screen to give more of a sensation of movement and speed (I tried a textured road, but this slowed the game down too much)

To do:
-add a menu where you can change the race distance (I’ve already worked out all the math, just need the menu now)
-car sprites improvements, because some have misplaced pixels and other issues

So that’s the update. Is there anything you guys want? I might be able to add it because I still have another few days left. Post suggestions here if you want (but nothing too crazy).

Here’s a link to some screenshots:

EDIT- I’ll accept suggestions until tomorrow at noon. Please give feedback! I really want to get top 5 in this contest.
Well... I think I'm finished. Can't wait to see what you guys think about DR0VE. Good luck to everyone else in CC22!
Nicely done! Very Happy I can't seem to access the screenshots though Sad
Oh. I'll post them here for you in a few minutes.

EDIT- Here are the screenshots.

EDIT 2- I submitted the launch version of DR0VE to CC22 just now.
Hey everyone, I just wanted to say thanks for all the support that you've given me throughout the development process of DR0VE. I really appreciate it. I know that my entry isn't as ambitious as originally planned (sorry), but I think it's a viable entry nonetheless, and I'm proud of it. So thanks again, and thanks in advance for voting for DR0VE in CC22 (I'm mostly kidding, vote for whichever one you think is best, which will probably be Sketch Maze by BasicTH).

EDIT- Good luck to everyone participating in CC22.
Hey does anyone want high score support? This should probably have been there at launch, but I can still add it before I upload to the archives. What do you think? Is it worth it?
High scores are nearly implemented (again, sorry I didn't add this earlier, I forgot). A little late for the CC22 version now, but it will be in the launch version for the archives, I promise.
Well, looks like I'll have to make the high scores again. I was editing on-calc in KEDIT, and KEDIT crashed, so... it's all gone.

EDIT- It's alright though, I mostly remember what I did.
Version 1.1.0 is done! More details to come...
For those of you who are excited for 1.1.0 (there's got to be someone, right?), here's an informational post. Screenshots will come soon.

What's new in version 1.1.0?

-[improved] shift physics
-[added] "s" next to the seconds counter on the race screen
-[added] "Statistics" section
-[added] full high score support
-[fixed] a bug where if you accelerated to redline then decelerated to 0, your speed would jump to the redline speed for first gear
-[added] animation after race that will alert you if you get a new high score
-[added] statistics saved in an archived appvar (automatically archived by the program itself)
-[improved] rebound upshift to [^] instead of [graph] by popular demand
-[removed] "score" on race completed screen (it didn't work too well, and is useless now that the statistics section has been added)

EDIT- I don't think this screenshot requires much explanation.

So, any feedback? As always, it is appreciated.
In the version submitted for CC22, I never could win, no matter how hard I tried. I held enter, pressed graph (or upshift gear) whenever the thing turned red, but the calc always won. Anything I could be doing wrong?
I like it in general, though.

Oh, also, how different are the cars?
jcgter777 wrote:
In the version submitted for CC22, I never could win, no matter how hard I tried. I held enter, pressed graph (or upshift gear) whenever the thing turned red, but the calc always won. Anything I could be doing wrong?
I like it in general, though.

Oh, also, how different are the cars?

You probably were holding graph too long, which doesn’t allow an upshift. The new version should make gameplay more accessible for beginners, while staying roughly the same for skilled players. I added some leeway that allows you to hold shift for longer without the transmission shifting back into the previous gear. Also, upshift has been remapped to [^], which should make the controls less awkward and also eliminate the error that happened if you shifted while finishing a race (you would quit, because the race completed screen uses graph for quitting). This should make shifting easier (but please, once I upload it, I still need feedback).

So, you probably were holding graph too long, but the new update should alleviate your problem. Oh, and as to the cars (I assume you don’t mean the sprites), the changes are outlined above. And in the short term (if you’re still playing the 1.0 version), focus on tapping the graph button, not pressing it. Also, it’s important that you time your shifts well. I hope this helps.
I just uploaded DR0VE version 1.1.0 to the archives queue. Like I said before, once you have a chance to play it, any feedback is appreciated.
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