I am currently working on a modified version of Oiram, the Mario clone made by MateoConLechuga for the Ti 84 CE, that adds quite a few items into the game. The current list of things being worked on are:
    ▪ One way walls from Mario Maker
    ▪ On-off switches (Linked to blue blocks and coins)
    ▪ Double Jump Powerup (Yes, a brand new powerup!)
    ▪ Bullet bill blaster that shoots forwards (They currently only shoot backwards)
    ▪ Non-dynamic Powerup Blocks (If you're small, you still get a fireflower/leaf from the block)
    ▪ Climbable chain (like in the airship cutscenes from smb3)
    ▪ 3 block wide pipes

If you think of anything else you want added (note that powerups are extremely hard to add) please let me know! I will post an update once I release a beta version.
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