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(I need this for a program, because on the header of the TI-84 Plus CE's screen does not display that unless you do [Mode] or [2nd][Trace]; In this case, it would occur during a getKey loop. To clarify, the program itself is written in Ti-Basic.)

What is the TI-Basic routine, ASM code, ICE source, and C code for a program determining which of those 4 modes the calculator is in?
(Ex. For the "assembly" languages, what code so that each mode represents a number stored into Ans.)

Doing this in any language other than basic makes zero sense, especially considering the requirement that it must be stored to Ans.

You've given me no reason to want to help you. What is the purpose of having these?
Change in requirement: Either basic or any form of what the TI-84 Plus CE considers "assembly".
This very heavily assumes that all window variables belonging to the current mode are in a crash-free configuration (i.e., Tmin being greater than Tmax would cause it to fail under Param), but it does work after a "Defaults…" reset from the Memory menu, which should be enough for illustrative purposes. I'll think more on this puzzle after posting; maybe we can do more by analyzing which variables are held onto by StoreGDB and ZoomSto.

:StoreGDB 1
:RecallGDB 1



EDIT: The following works, too (tip-off by MateoConLechuga):

:StoreGDB 1
:RecallGDB 1
:Disp M

M: 0,1,2,3 = FUNC,PAR,POL,SEQ
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