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You can find my SoundCloud here. I've been composing for several years but only recently built up the courage to begin sharing my pieces with the community. I typically compose in the modern piano solo style and occasionally chip too.

Glory2 Released: Mar 30, 2019
Glory2 was designed as a piano solo of iPhoenix's piece named Glory. It was one of my earliest MuseScore pieces and I learned a lot about MuseScore's interface by making it. The syncopation makes it tricky (but not impossible) to play irl and this piece was the basis for five other swing-y pieces I've made to date.

Victory Released: April 1, 2019
Victory is a brain-dump I made on the rare major scale (F major to be exact). I almost never compose music strictly in the major scale, so this piece has a few happy notes in it compared to my other more minor pieces.

Organ8 Released: April 3, 2019
Organ8 is a piece designed around a very simple and catchy motif and could have been much longer. I have about 30 minutes of audio of variations of the theme and experimenting with different baselines.

Passing Time Released: April 6, 2019
Passing Time was a Medly piece I made while still experimenting with the software. A few who hear my Medly music say Passing Time is my best, I don't completely agree with that, but seeing as it is the only "complete" Medly I'm not still working on, It is the only Medly piece you can find on SoundCloud.

Percussive Piano Released: April 10, 2019
Percussive Piano is yet another all-major piece (excluding a chord at the end). Sporting a key change of +2 semitones in the middle, Percussive Piano is easily a level above Victory (imo) and thelastmillennial's comment on the lack of swing lead to the creation of the next piece…

Swing12B4 Released: April 17, 2019
Swing12B4 is probably the most interesting piece on this list so far. Even though this piece begins a bit… differently… It is yet another that has a very major premise to it. Although the baseline is almost too simple, I'm proud of the balance between syncopation and arpeggio in the melody. Plus, the stretches and syncopation make it near-impossible to play irl.

8-Bit 1 Released: May 15, 2019
8-Bit 1 is my first "real" chiptune. I used FamiTracker to make it and am always looking for more ways to make music more like 8bit game music. 8-Bit 2 on the way! Anyone else have nostalgia for the old Pokémon Theme?

Piano Discord No.2v19 - Wyvern Released: June 28, 2019
Piano Discord No.2v19 - Wyvern is my 2019 entry to Discord Hack Week. I decided early on to make it a sort of "dump" of all the ideas I had within the five days of the contest. I did my best to make it "flow" through the different styles and not be a disjunctional mess, though I think it may still have ended up being one… The ending also ended up being quite hectic to compose since I had 8 different ideas on how to lead into it, thankfully, it did not end up being unbearable to listen to and it flowed into it nicely. I enjoyed making this piece and am looking to make more like it. Good luck Hack Weekers!

Synthtst5 - 2 Released: November 16, 2019
Synthtst5 has been around for a while, but I finally decided to buckle down and fix it up only recently. I originally made Synthtst5 as practice with the GarageBand 10 interface, but it lacked a melody line and didn't contain all of the bass displayed in Synthtst5 - 2, which you can now find on SoundCloud.

Glory3 Released: January 17, 2020
Glory3 is my second arrangement of Glory and is a little different than my first because it has multiple instruments! The mix might seem a little off because I didn't use headphones when composing this one. I have yet another arrangement in the works that will hopefully be posted within the next six months.

Please post your thought on my pieces below, your opinions (and suggestions) will help me to improve! Very Happy

Edit 0: (6-25-19)
Edit 1: Added Piano Discord No.2v19 - Wyvern (6-29-19)
Edit 2: Added information about end to Piano Discord No.2v19 - Wyvern (6-29-19)
Edit 3: Added release dates (6-29-19)
Edit 4: Added Synthtst5 - 2 (11-16-19)
Edit 5: Added Glory3 (1-17-20)
I have listened to all of these. They're all awesome! Very Happy

Volution Released: June 15, 2021
Volution is a dump I put together this year. Recently (within the year) I have been altering my style into more electronic-sounding beats and swing rhythms. Listening to it again after release, I probably could have made it a bit longer but too late now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
The pieces you composed are great.
I listen to music continuously for several hours during the day due to my routine and repetitive work. I would also like to hear the songs of these pieces.
Be sure to inform if the songs are playing. If these pieces are composed, where can I hear.
Glory3 and Synthtst5 - 2 are my favorite piece. The others are very enjoyable as well. I actually have the two aforementioned songs in my liked songs list on Soundcloud since a while ago but I just happened to listen to them twice in the last two days during one of my rare trips to Soundcloud and I recognized your style right away.
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