I started a new game called The Adventures of a Mustard Cat. I plan to have a randomly generated open world map where you explore and collect stuff to become stronger. The story/objective of the game will be something along the lines of you, a cat from the mustard realm, are stranded in a different realm and need to make your way home to the mustard realm. You must travel through other realms with each realm being more dangerous than the last until you make it back home. Each realm will have different blocks and enemies matching its theme.
So far I have how blocks will be handled completed. Here is a list of what is done with blocks:
-special effect: Each block can have 2 special effects that are activated when standing on it, but standing on multiple blocks of the same type will not duplicate the effect.
-What it drops when broken and a min and max amount dropped
-All of the above are easily moddable

Once the mod is loaded in the screenshot water, cobble, and lava are changed to have different effects and collision but the other blocks stay the same.

I don’t know how long until I will have this in a playable state, but I'm making a post anyways because otherwise I know I will forget about it. I will try to have a beta in the next few weeks when I have the first realm finished but school is about to start again so I may not be able to work on it very much.
Sounds fun Smile. I like the progress that you've made thus far, looks great!
Pretty neat! The lava and water could use a bit of improvements I think; it could be hard to see what it is on a calculator screen. Keep up the good work! Smile
Thanks, I will try to work on the lava and water eventually. The first realm will be either the realm of men or the realm of giants. They are the same theme, someone's yard or a field, but I'm not sure on the name yet. The enemies will eventually be small rodents and bugs.
Progress since the last post:
-added breaking and placing blocks
-added simple HUD
-added simple inventory
-added more animations
-added simple map generation


You have 2 types of attacks quick and strong:
strong - Takes longer, but can break blocks that are 2 times as durable (cat swinging an ax).
quick - Much faster and you can move while using it, but can't break as durable blocks (cat scratching with a paw).
The new blocks in the order they appear in the inventory are twig, branch, log, pebbles, and stones. The stones and pebbles didn't turn out as well as I hoped so I may have to redo them later.
map generation currently can scatter certain blocks on the ground and make structures. So far the only structures are the stump and puddle.
When you place blocks you do a flip because I couldn't think of an animation, if you have any ideas I would appreciate it. In case you are curious, here are the current animations.
Whoa it's looking even better! Love the block placement - kind of like 2D minecraft (this could get really fun Smile).

I was wondering if you had thought about a different 'vertical' cat sprite? The problem arises when you go from facing left to facing up since the 'up' sprite is on it's side, it looks too much of a rotation - perhaps a front-facing sprite+back-facing sprite instead (RPG style)?
I have thought about a vertical sprite but I'm not very good at pixel art and have no idea how I'd do it. I will probably add it in before this is fully released but for now, it's not a very high priority. When I get around to enemies would you want them rotated like it is now or a separate vertical sprite? If I have separate sprites this game could get pretty big.

I have a question I would appreciate if anyone more experienced could help with. If I have a tileset tileset_tiles_data[] would, to my understanding, be an array of pointers to the individual sprites. So would there be a way to draw a sprite with this? Right now I am using a sprite as the middle man and copying the data in to. This works fine but it seems rather inefficient and once I have enemies the time this takes up could make a big speed difference. If anyone knows how to use tileset_tiles_data[] as a sprite or any other better way that would be helpful. Here is the code showing what I mean.


//current method
gfx_UninitedSprite(sprite,16,16);//creates sprite to be the middle man
memmove(sprite, MustardCat_tiles_data[tile], 258);//copies data from MustardCat_tiles_data to sprite.
gfx_TransparentSprite(sprite , player.x, player.y);//draws middle man sprite.

I got it working after realizing the tiles are stored as uint8_t not sprites.

gfx_TransparentSprite((gfx_sprite_t*) MustardCat_tiles_data[tile], player.x, player.y);
WOW!! Surprised , this looks amazing this reminds me of 2D minecraft!!
You shouldn't use MustardCat_tiles_data, you should use MustardCat_tiles. The later is a gfx_sprite_t array.
I haven't been able to work on it much over the past week because of school but I have finally made some progress. For the most part, I have been working on mobs and I made sprites for the player when looking up and down. I promise mobs won't stay as numbers this time.

The mobs flashing on the screen in the wrong place is from clipping and it should be fixed once I change it to sprites. Mobs will support a lot of movement types not just straight at the player and plenty of attack types including melee and projectiles. Mobs will also be moddable but I haven't gotten around to it yet.
Looks great man, the up/down sprites also look good too!
Thanks, I just realized it would probably be helpful if I actually showed the new sprites.

Just curious, what do the numbers in the corner signify?
Pieman7373 wrote:
Just curious, what do the numbers in the corner signify?

The top one if FPS and the bottom is health.
Cool - just a tip, don't try to optimise heavily until after you're doing coding your main loop stuff Smile.

Running pretty well now when you consider what is happening on screen.
I have the mob sprites for the first realm done! There will be 10 mobs per realm and 6 realms. The mobs for the first realm (in the order they appear) are a rat, sneaky snake, frog, bumblebee, baby duck, dragonfly, bat, skunk, bunny, and roach. The mob movement was disabled and attacks were all set to the default for the screenshot to make it easier to show the mobs.

I also have ideas for the other realms but nothing is set in stone and I haven't started on sprites. Around 10 mobs will be chosen from each list for a realm.

    Ocean realm: Pufferfish, Octopus, Parana, Shark, Killer whale, Dolphin, Eel, Crab, Clownfish, Angler fish, Sea turtle, Shrimp, Oyster, Jellyfish, Starfish

    Underworld: Demon, Troubled souls, Hellhound, Banshee, Griffin, Hell bat, 7 sins (like in shazam), Gremlin, Skeleton

    Sifi: Darlek, Cybermen, Adipose, Weeping angle, Are you my mummy?, Typical alien(👽), Alpha centauran, Tree people, Ood, The swarm, Wraith, Fire Alien, Sandworms, Worm(MIB)

    Christmas land: Santa, Elves, Penguin, Snowmen, Abominable snowman, Seal, Polar bear, Raindeer, Mrs. Clause, nutcracker, Gingerbread, Christmas tree, Grinch, Presents, Snow miser, Heat miser

    Floating islands: Unicorn, Harpies, Tucan, Dragon, Faries, rat birds(cloudy with a Chance of meatballs), Butterflies, Spider pig, Flying snake, One-eyed bag, Phoenix, Witch on a broom, Angle (but very violent), Hawk, Killer cloud
I really like the mob animations. Looking forward to more progress!
This game is looking nice, for which calculator are you developing it?
Christian.cpe wrote:
This game is looking nice, for which calculator are you developing it?

Hey, welcome to Cemetech! He's creating this for the TI-84 Plus CE, most projects here nowadays are for that calculator.
Christian.cpe wrote:
This game is looking nice, for which calculator are you developing it?

Hello, like TheLastMillennial said I'm developing it for the CE but I have recently made a lot of progress towards a Windows version aswell. I should have a big progress update inuding a beta version ready in the next few days I just have a couple more things to get ready.
Wow, I thought this project had been stopped, but that sounds like some serious progress. Just wondering, is the upcoming beta version for Windows or the calc?
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