Should I keep the flood fill algorithm on the title screen and "cutscene" graphics?
 7%  [ 1 ]
Yes, if you can make it faster.
 15%  [ 2 ]
Yes, if the player can skip it.
 69%  [ 9 ]
Yes, but only on the title screen.
 0%  [ 0 ]
Yes, but only on the "cutscene" graphis.
 0%  [ 0 ]
 7%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 13

As you probably gathered from the previous post, the game will require several lists to store all the maps, even with compression (The default map will require about 15,000 list elements in its compressed form). Is there a more efficient method than this to load them as needed?


// B is an integer from 1 to 4 and C is an integer from 1 to 7, used to select the correct set of maps
If B=1:Then
If C=1:SetUpEditor ʟZMB1C1
If C=11:SetUpEditor ʟZMB1C11
If B=1:Then
If C=1:Archive ʟZMB1C1
If C=11:Archive ʟZMB1C11

I know I can technically use only 16 lists instead of 44 to hold the default map, but:
A) I already need to use several lists anyway,
B) This arrangement allows me to easily address each map in a Bank/Column/Row format without calculating offsets,
C) I want to leave space for more complicated/detailed maps that don't play as well with the compression routine,
D) Less data will be stored in RAM at once, and
E) The byte savings of using the fewest lists possible aren't enough to counteract the benefits I just listed.
I know I haven't posted in a while, but I want to reassure you all that I haven't abandoned this project; my normal development cycle involves alternating between 2 or 3 different coding projects at a time. I will release another update as soon as I finish the map editor, hopefully this weekend or next week.
Good to know! I really want to see LoZ on a calc in basic finally, as sadly TI-LoZ died quite a while ago...
I also kind of operate with the same schedule/time/whatever so I totally understand how it's going. Anyway, keep it up!
Despite the complete lack of updates for several months now, this project still isn't dead. I've just been more focused on schoolwork lately, and all of my non-coursework (Computer Engineering major) programs have taken a bit of a back seat. I will definitely resume this after taking my finals.

If anyone is good at 2D dungeon design, please let me know; your help would be greatly appreciated.
Well, I've done some map designing in the past, and I think I would like to give it a try. I'm a huge Legend of Zelda fan anyway (as you can tell from my profile pic) and I would love to help this project in some way. I would like to help with the map, you just need to point me in the right direction.
The map editor is currently unfinished, so I will also accept maps as a drawing/image in any standard format. I would actually prefer images for the default maps anyway, so I can view them before getting the actual game code working (I know how, just haven't had time).

Room sizes are hardcoded at 8 tiles high by 17 tiles wide, and the 4 main dungeons will each need to fit entirely in one of two "banks" holding 5 by 11 rooms each, although the first column of the first "bank" is reserved for miscellaneous rooms like the one you will get your sword in. The fifth dungeon, Hyrule Castle, will have a third "bank" to itself, sharing the same dimensions as the other two.

This is the tileset for your reference. Please note that all tiles except the one matching the BG color (and converted into a blank tile internally) are considered solid.
Thanks! Is the link to the tileset the same as the one in your google drive, or different, because I am going to be working on a school computer that blocks Imgur.
It's the same one as on my Google Drive and earlier in this thread, just linked again for convenience.
Just to be sure, I am using the default map and attaching the caves (where the bosses will be) and other indoor sections to it, right? If so, I'll need to know which entrances in the overworld attach to the entrances in the caves, and what the theme of each boss will be, and what cave they are in to fight.
That is essentially correct; dungeons will be handled similarly to the original NES Legend of Zelda, where various "cave" entrances lead to twisting dungeons (with keys and locks) in each of the following locations:

1. A valley in SW Hyrule Field, near the Lost Woods
2. A cave in W Hyrule Field
3. An island in Lake Hylia
4. A large mansion/temple in N Kakariko Village
5. Hyrule Castle

The overworld map I linked below is somewhat finalized, but minor tweaks can be made if needed; the dungeon floor plans were just me messing around trying to get ideas.
I would also like to implement implement the following "key items" to assist in completing the dungeons:

1. Bow+Arrow - ranged weapon, no dungeon-specific use
2. Bomb bag - bombs destroy adjacent "wall" tiles (not water) except the room borders
3. Hookshot - grapple across water if there is a "wall" block in range to grab (2 blocks)
4. Longshot - extends the hookshot's range to 5 blocks (must have hookshot to obtain)

* These items will only work in the 4 cardinal directions and not across room boundaries.

I would like these to be handled a bit more like later Zelda dungeons, where you get the items fairly early and can't complete their associated dungeons without them.
Here's a thought for the ASM invert-text thing: try switching it to Dr. D'nar's TextLib. I'm not sure if it supports putting text on the graphscreen (it might only be homscreen) buu it works quite well.

(EDIT: Never mind, that's a stupid idea. Just did a little more research Blink )

Also, maybe add an option in settings for filling the letters ZELDA on the titlescreen (default off)?
ik ik double-post ick... but meh

The Google Drive link doesn't work. Could you please fix it and the link on your post for the RLE or just upload both to the Archives?
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