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Ace Recon

Ace Recon is a game for the TI-84 Plus CE/TI-83 Premium CE that I have been working on for almost two months now. It is written in C, and was started for Cemetech Contest 23 (themed "Stealthy Spies"). In this game, the player must sneak through 20 floors of an office building, where each floor is more difficult than the last. Guards patrol these floors, and will come in several different types, such as sniping guards and chasing guards. In its final state, the game will come with 20 default levels, as well as (hopefully) the ability for players to create their own level packs that can be played within the game. Stay tuned for more information, however.

General Plan for Release
Ace Recon started out as my CC23 entry, but in that state, was unfinished. I promised more updates, and they are currently in the works to complete the game, make it more optimized, make it more fun, and make it more strategy/stealth based. I will post more updates as time goes on, but here's the general plan for now:
1. private beta release, somewhere around 10 people will be allowed to test the game and give feedback on it
2. public beta release
3. launch
I have made a great deal of progress since CC23, but I don't want to share anything just yet. I will somewhat soon though, or at least before the first beta.

Progress for November 9
-[IMPROVED] game has been optimized further, reaching a maximum of 32 FPS
-[IMPROVED] fixed a bug with guard sighting
-[IMPROVED] pause menu looks better and is now an actual menu rather than just a prompt
-[IMPROVED] statistics, options, and about screens now match the overall theme of the game better, and the statistics section has been moved down to be vertically centered with better spaced text
-[ADDED] bullet bouncing works with the "bounce" upgrade, allowing the player to bounce bullets off of the edges of the screen and the in-game walls
-[ADDED] 2 new game modes, Chaos and Classic

Latest Screenshot
Invalid for the time being.

Optimization 75%
Level Editor 10% NOTE: the ICE editor is done, but will be rewritten and improved in C soon
Guard types 0%
Actual sprites 20% NOTE: made a player sprite, but haven't implemented it yet

As always, I am looking for feedback, so any would be appreciated. The CC23 version is available for testing right now if you want to test out the basic game mechanics. Stay tuned for more information in the coming days/weeks.
Some screenshots of the new item shop and the updated gameplay screen:

Looking pretty nice! Are you thinking of using actual sprites for the player and enemies?

Keep it up! Smile
MateoConLechuga wrote:
Looking pretty nice! Are you thinking of using actual sprites for the player and enemies?

Keep it up! Smile

Yes, that will be in the game before the private beta. I kept the circles for now because it's easier to see angles with them, and because I have been focusing on other things for now.

I really should do that, though.
Progress for today:
-optimized the game significantly, now runs around 50% faster for a maximum of 32 FPS
-implemented the speed and rotation upgrades
Ace Recon is almost ready for private beta release, hopefully within the coming weeks. If you are interested in testing the latest developmental version of the game in a few weeks, please PM me with an email address I can send the file to. I will post a screenshot showing all of my progress in a few minutes.

EDIT: Screenshot:

EDIT 2: Some information regarding the new game modes:
Classic This game mode is somewhat similar to that submitted for CC23. The player has to sneak past guards in 20 levels while staying alive. However, rather than having an unlimited number of bullets as in the Chaos mode, the game starts with 10 bullets, then doles out 5 more for each completed level. This will ideally encourage more strategic and stealthy gameplay. The Recon Shop and its corresponding powerups are unavailable in this mode.

Chaos This is a new game mode. The player has unlimited bullets which can be used to shoot guards, which drop coins when they are eliminated. When the coins are picked up, these coins can be used to buy upgrades in the Recon Shop, such as bombs, speed increases, and bouncing bullets. As in the classic mode, stealth is still important, and 10 bonus points are awarded for completing a level without being seen by any guards.
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