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MateoConLechuga wrote:
It's really hard to help you with code when it isn't easily compilable nor have any of the other suggestions been even considered.

What suggestions have I missed? I added rising edge detection, the ability to press 2nd instead of enter in the menus, improved AI marksmanship and speed, general optimization, improved shop UI, and am working on partial redraw, all by community request. Iím trying my best. If there is anything I missed though, please let me know.

Sorry if this seems rude, it isnít meant to be.
I think he was referring to changes to the code. In my opinion he's being a bit unreasonable there, but with most of his other suggestions he has a point, and if you were to implement them you would be forced to rewrite the RenderBullets function. He probably doesn't want to help you write this function now because he knows it would make it more difficult for you to take his other suggestions. Additionally, some of his suggestions would make the code more readable, which makes it less tedious for other people to help with the project.
Okay- to recap, the suggestions were:
-donít use shorts
-make the main() function shorter (less than 180 lines)
-no globals
-linked lists (I used Zedaís method instead here)
-use real tilemaps
-keep constant strings in arrays
-fixed point math

Please let me know if I missed any.

The issue here is that I am quickly losing motivation for this project, as Iíve been working on it continuously for about three months. I just want to get it to a playable state and released at this point, then move on to my next project. Any major code restructures will mean a lot more work that will make me undo a lot of the things that I have done over these months. So, I am just trying to finish partial redraw and fix bugs now. I will be more than happy to implement all of these suggestions into my future projects though.
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