I have been scripting a desktop on my ti 84+ CE in TI basic and I need some help. My problem is that I need a way to save the user into this so they will not have to redo the settings every time. All of my settings can be converted into a number and I have thought to store them separately in variables (Ex. a,b,c,d) but they might be used and it will make everything very slow and annoying. My solution is to store them in a bigger variable (AAA,AAB,AAC) and store them in together (Ex. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7). My problem is that I can’t take the numbers back out without going through every possibility. Thank you for helping me Very Happy
Can't you just use a list?
oh i was not aware of these, thank you very much! Very Happy
A desktop? That sounds like a cool project! What do you plan to make it do? Sounds like you're new to BASIC, here's some resources you'll really find useful. First is the starter kit which walks you through the basics and gets you more advanced in BASIC. You can check it out here: http://tibasicdev.wikidot.com/starter-kit
The other thing is the command index which I still use even after 5 years of programming! http://tibasicdev.wikidot.com/command-index
Of course, if you have any other questions we're happy to help!
Thanks for the help! The desktop is mostly for making the calculator become much more smooth and just look better in general. (and just sort of a random project for me to do).

EDIT: I have found another problem, I am making a login screen (on the graph) and I am making it so you can cycle through the accounts. My problem is that to change the text, you have to clear the picture, but this makes it look slow and clunky. Is there any way to erase just the text?
You could just draw over it with the Shade( command if your background is a solid color. Then you wouldn't have to clear any other part of the screen.
thanks (:

Just wondering for future reference, if your background wasn’t one color what would you do? EDIT so I don’t have so many random posts in here: Last question: is there any way to get rid of the background from the text? (Ex: if you put text in black, and your background is a grayish, it puts a white background just behind the text.) It annoys me so much. please help.
I'm not sure if there is a way to do that in TI-BASIC, as I'm much more familiar with C and ICE. If you wanted to do that, you would need to grab and store a copy of what was behind the text/image you want to redraw, then draw that over your text/image, then update the text/image. Like I said earlier, I don't know if that is possible in TI-BASIC or not.

EDIT- You could definitely do it with the store/recall pic commands, but that might be very slow.

EDIT 2- Just change the color of the Shade( command, my CE says the syntax is "(lowerfunc, upperfunc [,Xleft, Xright, pattern, patres, color#])". You should be able to change the color# to fill it with whatever color you want. And for future reference, if you want to know how the syntax for any of the command, just go into the catalog with 2nd + 0, then hit + on the menu item you want to know more about.
I tried the shade, but it only does every other line. My next thought is to make a block of points in front of the text to hide it. The only problem with this is that it takes too long to do all of the points so will be saving it as a pic to speed it up. U kind of gave me the idea tho Very Happy
I think there was a glitch because i was editing my profile info and suddenly my account is now inactive? I made just made this account (I was therad1 creator of this topic) and i will be using this untill i can go back into my previous account.
in my login (my desktop in basic), I need to be able to put a password and username in, but I am trying to make everything on that graph screen so it has a lot better graphics. Is there any way to do this easily? It just needs to be stored into strings.
Unfortunately, there is no easy on-graph input method in TI-BASIC. You would probably need to make one yourself.
What about ICE - I have not done it yet but if i can I will try it.
ICE also does not include a built-in graphics input function - you will have to write one yourself using getKey either way.
I would say that ICE is much better suited for a desktop program, as it has fullscreen graphics and is much faster in general. I'd definitely recommend giving it a try.
Dang, I was wishing there could be. Why did the creators of basic (or ice) not create on? it wouldn’t be that hard Confused
I was looking at the ICE commands but there was nothing that said anything about printing something on a graph screen. So what is the difference between using the graph screen and the home screen with ICE?
I am going to be finishing my program in basic before I start trying out making an ICE program. (I don't like unfinished projects). I have gotten very far on making my login screen when I started thinking about the apps I would have for my desktop. One of the apps that was a must have is a calendar (a reminder sort of thing for a week using 7 of the strings) the main reason I was making different accounts was 1: to save settings and 2: to save personalized things like the calendar. The problem is that I could only do one calendar because there is only 10 strings (and that kind of defeats the purpose of the accounts) so should I keep the (3 and guest) accounts as a coolness factor or should I only have one guest account and one account (guest account and 1 for me)(of course the personalized things like the calendar would not be accessible by the guest account.) sorry for the long paragraph and spelling errors.

Edit: by getting rid of the other 2 accounts I would gain 2 strings that I could later use.
therad1 wrote:
I was looking at the ICE commands but there was nothing that said anything about printing something on a graph screen. So what is the difference between using the graph screen and the home screen with ICE?

In ICE there is no graph screen or home screen, it is just the screen
Than is there an input for that screen? (to enter letters and numbers)
Therad2 wrote:
Than is there an input for that screen? (to enter letters and numbers)

Just use the ICE equivalent of getkey and a loop to figure out what key is being pressed, and then print that character
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