mr womp womp wrote:
Great job on the asmr streams!

Thank you lol, yeah I just reposted some of that to my youtube (as linked earlier) with some additional rain sounds, I hope it's relaxing!

If we didn't have the internet like we do now what do you think we'd be doing during this crisis?
Justin wrote:
Have any of you tried the powder toy:

Powedertoy is awesome!

So, I've been either in retail or working directly with a ton of people for about 12 years (first job was basically a tour guide at a popular museum, later I was in the food industry and retail). I started a new job on the 5th that takes me away from directly working with people and I am grateful as fr*ck.

My spouse (the "breadwinner") is in food service and just got laid off, but my new job pays better than my old job and my spouses job combined, so once I start receiving paychecks, life will be a lot less stressful.

Today I got notice that my department would be switching 100% to working from home (unless there is an emergency that requires us to be at the office), and they sent me home with a work laptop so that I could properly do the video conference meeting things, so that's fun Very Happy

Honestly, I'm feeling really, really fortunate right now, despite what is happening in the world. We have plenty of rice and soy sauce and eggs and beans, so food won't be an issue, bills are paid all the way up until I get my first paycheck in a couple of weeks, and I'm programming as my day job now ^~^ I work from home and my spouse is out of work for the foreseeable future, so we can just hunker down together for a few weeks (I guess longer if needed), and stay relatively safe and secure.
Hey guys! I think it could be fun to work on some community events so those of us who are stuck inside can have some interaction.

There's a game I really enjoy on Steam called "Golf with Your Friends" and it supports up to 12 players. It's Windows & Mac compatible and would be neat if we could orchestrate a Cemetech game-day group. We don't need to play Golf with Your Friends but would be ideal to suggest cheap/free games that works across platforms that we could play together.
Alex wrote:
...but would be ideal to suggest cheap/free games that works across platforms that we could play together.

League of Legends. Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad
Alex wrote:
cheap/free games that works across platforms that we could play together.

... but we already have UT2004 Sad
Is UT2004 abandonware - where can I get a copy?

EDIT - Looks like you can get it on steam etc for cheap.
To breathe some life back into this topic. Are any of you creating custom backgrounds for online classes or meetings? Here's one of mine:

I took an image of the officers lounge and made the windows transparent then overlaid it onto a video of The Universe Sandbox. I have two versions, one is 1h20 mins long and the other is 2h40m long. Different base videos though. I've downloaded a few 3D programs in an attempt to create this with 3D models so I can get accurate reflections on the hull. I'm not sure if I'll be successful but I think it'd be really cool.

My ultimate plan is to stay at a scene for 5-10 mins then warp to a new area, which is why I'd like reflections. Maybe even a dog fight with the Klingon, but that's way outside my current 3D knowledge, I'd have to rig movement and lighting effects; much easier when the ship is static with a video playing behind it. The reflections may be the hardest part because the video technically isn't a light source?

I've downloaded this model of the NCC-1701-A Enterprise by Major Stress but it has no interior. So I downloaded a file from SketchUp's 3D Warehouse of the Officers Lounge to put over/into the 3D model of the ship.

I'm currently trouble shooting some other issues, as currently the video plays OVER the camera no matter where the ship is in relation. If the video isn't centered on the camera I can see part of the ship but it's playing over the ship despite being physically behind the ship. So once I get the video to play correctly behind the ship, then I'll work on adding the Officers Lounge, then figure out lighting. Export the 2 hour long render, duplicate the project file and try my hand at some motion rigging and stuff.

Meanwhile, if you know of any downloadable NCC-1701-A models that has an interior (or even the interior itself) please let me know! The SketchUp one is pretty bland. Also looking for good videos of warp speed, doesn't need to be from Star Trek.
Maybe you could make the background a the view out the window of a kerbal space program rocket launch Good Idea
That's not a bad idea! I'll have to see what other places I can put myself into. Maybe inside Jurassic Park as well! Or maybe a scene from INTERSTELLAR. Thanks for knocking me out of this single tracked idea.
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