On the Ti-85, one can assign an expression to a variable like this:

When memory A is executed, the expression is evaluated with the value of x (or whatever variables the expression contains). This allow for rapid testing with a minimum of keystrokes.

Is there similar functionality on the Ti-84 CE Plus? I have found equation to string functions, but they are very programming related and difficult to access.

Another question: is there a way to get the TI-84 to automatically enable Alpha-shift when hitting Sto/Rcl? The TI-85 automatically enabled it, so saving a quick variable was a matter of entering:
number Sto Varname , without needing to hit yet another key (Alpha-shift).
On the 83/84 series, there are Equation Vars. For example, Y0-Y9 are equation vars, as well as the easy-to-access u, v, and w vars (on my 84+, these are found at [2nd][7-9]).

That said, you'll need to store to them like string variables, ex.:


Note: The lowercase letters, u, v, and w cannot be used, as they are different tokens. You'll specifically need those pre-set equation vars with the same name Razz
That's a great help. I still haven't found the place in the manual that talks about u, v, and w, even now knowing that they exist, but they do what I'm looking for.

It must have taken TI years and years to come up with all of the regressions in the Ti-84 compared to the Ti-85. It certainly has some nifty features, but it takes at least twice the keystrokes to do anything...

No problem ^~^
This one is related to using Y0-Y9 (with those, you can actually to stuff like Y1(3) and it substitutes X for 3 in the equation). I think TI documents that, but actual programmers noticed u, v, w are also equation variables and probably work similarly and are way quicker to access. It turns out that they are similar and TI-BASIC programmers (especially the pros) like to use those to make their programs smaller.

It just happens that you can also use them for legitimate math purposes, too Razz
I've noticed that the TI-84CE Plus has a maximum exponent of 10^99 where the old TI-85 was 10^999. That is a crazy and enormous difference...
rider wrote:
I've noticed that the TI-84CE Plus has a maximum exponent of 10^99 where the old TI-85 was 10^999. That is a crazy and enormous difference...

Interestingly it actually supports up to 10^127 becouse the exponent is stored as a byte, but the parser only allows exponents up to 99.
Is there a generally accepted reason that TI dumbed down the newer calculators so much? I’m finding that while it does have some nifty features, I’m seeing way more regressions than improvements (again, after 30 years of development).
It depends on what you mean by "dumbed down."

For the 83+/84+ (monochorome and color) series, it was probably to better conform to testing standards, as well as being targeted to the general high school student population. On the other side, the 68k series (TI-92/89/Voyager), these have a full-fledged Computer Algebra System and a powerful programming language, targeted toward engineers and college-age students. "Back in the day," calculators were also more for upper-level and applied math. The more recent TI-Nspire series has CAS and non-CAS variants and a similar language to the 68k series (and even better math-related functionality, especially with graphing). These kind of Target high school students (non-CAS) as well as advanced and applied math (CAS).
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