Hi all,

I just updated my FX-CG10 OS 1.02 to OS 3.11 and now menu icons are in white background.
Is there a way to change that back to black? I really like the black background,
im sure many others do too?.
Not as far as I know. You might be able to revert to an old OS, but again, I'm not sure. The new OS uses a white/blue color scheme now and has no known way to change it.

EDIT: If you are good with C, you could always create a new launcher (I might at some point Razz)
i see... do you know where i could download the old OS? ive been looking all over the internet and nothing i could find. not even on casio's web site.
After a lot of research, I have come to this conclusion: There is no way to get the old versions, and if there were, they would fail to install due to blocks set up against downgrading.
I guess that CASIO just decided that people all liked the new background better? :/
Ti planet shall have the old downloads and os ver. 2.00 I think is the last one with black background. Also there was an emergency os update procedure allowing downgrade but in my experience required many tries. I may try it out on the newer prizm cg 50 to go from os 3.30 to 3.40 and back and let you know
@ calclover2514 - you are correct.. i was able to find an older OS on Ti planet (thanks to amazonka)
but both of them failed to install.. (OS 1.02 and OS 1.03).
It says my model is not supported. Too bad, im pretty sure there could be a way to unblock this but i have no clue how. sad.
I Wish when CASIO created the newest OS, they included that black background theme with it as an option in the display settings.
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