I have recently got a new calculator, read above which one. I was wondering how I could get games like flappy bird that used to be programmed with assembly on it without assembly and if there are other ways to get those games to work. Thanks in advance.
If your calculator is running OS 5.5 onwards, you can't, until something that restores the availability of native code programs is released, that is Smile

On the newer Python variants of the TI-eZ80 series, TI's implementation of a reduced Python is the most limited available across all graphing calculator models, in terms of available memory, and therefore maximum program size. Flappy Bird or Frogger games could probably be doable in ~2 KB of TI-Python source code, using TI's specific, non-standard, non-portable graphics libraries to make them less slow, but that's just about the most complex programs one can make on the TI-eZ80 Python series...
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