Hey Cemetechians!

I realized it's been almost a year since I've really done anything here, as I've been focusing on other projects as well as school, but I'm hoping now that life has calmed down for a bit that I can become a more active member of this community again.

Cemetech was the place that originally sparked my love of programming, and as such holds a special place in my heart. You've always been a welcoming and kind community, and I thank y'all for putting up with my dumb questions at times. I was looking through my old project ideas and code, and I can say a lot of what I did was often overly-ambitious. So thank you specifically to MateoC, PT_, commandblockguy, and a bunch of others for helping me achieve some of the projects I did finish.

I have improved a bit at coding since I last released a project on here, so here's hoping I may be able to finish some of my more ambitious projects that I never got around to completing. Regardless though, I do have one or two programs on the way, hopefully soon, and I'm hoping you all will start seeing me around more frequently.

Thanks for your kindness, thanks for your patience and help, and I hope to see you around! Smile

- calclover2514

P.S. Welcome, to all new Cemetechians! I hope you have as good a time here as I did, and I can't wait to see the cool new things all of you create Smile
Glad to see you're hanging around again! Life can easily take time away from doing projects. I'm looking forward to seeing your future programs!
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