For Context I am working on an unfinished space invaders emulator and I want to draw to the screen but my double stacked for loop is sad and slow and I (currently) do not know how to convert a 256*2401d array to a 320*240 1d array so im basically wondering is there a way to speed up my for loops

the code in question


for(int pxlx = 0; pxlx < 256; pxlx++)
      for(int pxly = 0; pxly < 28; pxly++)
         gfx_SetColor(255*(state->memory[0x2400+(256 * pxlx + pxly) & 0b00000001] == 0b00000001));
         gfx_SetColor(255*(state->memory[0x2400+(256 * pxlx + pxly) & 0b00000010] == 0b00000010));
         gfx_SetColor(255*(state->memory[0x2400+(256 * pxlx + pxly) & 0b00000100] == 0b00000100));
         gfx_SetColor(255*(state->memory[0x2400+(256 * pxlx + pxly) & 0b00001000] == 0b00001000));
         gfx_SetColor(255*(state->memory[0x2400+(256 * pxlx + pxly) & 0b00010000] == 0b00010000));
         gfx_SetColor(255*(state->memory[0x2400+(256 * pxlx + pxly) & 0b00100000] == 0b00100000));
         gfx_SetColor(255*(state->memory[0x2400+(256 * pxlx + pxly) & 0b01000000] == 0b01000000));
         gfx_SetColor(255*(state->memory[0x2400+(256 * pxlx + pxly) & 0b10000000] == 0b10000000));
This is supported natively by the hardware (but not by graphx), depending on what you want the lcd to display outside the 256x240 region.
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