The compiler sends me a folding constant warning about the following code snippet:


// Text button constants
// =========================
const uint8_t TEXT_BUTTON_HEIGHT            = 25;
const uint8_t TEXT_BUTTON_MAX_TEXT_LEN      = 30;

// This pads text and toggle switches within buttons.
const uint8_t TEXT_BUTTON_CONTENT_PADDING   = 10;

const uint8_t TEXT_BUTTON_LEFT_MARGIN_TEXT  =  1;
const uint8_t TEXT_BUTTON_CENTER_TEXT       =  2;
// ==========================

typedef struct
  char text[TEXT_BUTTON_MAX_TEXT_LEN + 1];    // This is the problem line
  // This should be one of the following:
  uint8_t text_horiz_pos;

  uint8_t text_color;
  uint8_t button_color;
  uint24_t button_width;
} text_button_t;

The file name is gui.h. It provides function definitions and constants for implementation file, gui.c. The precise wording of the compiler error is:

src/gui.h:43:14: warning: variable length array folded to constant array as an extension [-Wgnu-folding-constant]
  char text[TEXT_BUTTON_MAX_TEXT_LEN + 1];

I need the TEXT_BUTTON_MAX_TEXT_LEN to be a constant since I use it in the implementation file. The "plus 1" in the array declaration tacks on room for the null terminator.

I didn't find anything about how to fix this warning on DuckDuckGo. What should I do to fix/silence this warning?
When you specify the size of a C array as a non-constant expression, it becomes a VLA which has different semantics from normal arrays. Here the compiler is warning you that it happens to know the size of the array at compile time even though it's a non-constant expression, and so it's using normal array semantics instead of VLA semantics. In C++ that would indeed be a constant expression, but in C it isn't. You can either use defines or enums for the constants in order for it to be a C constant expression. For example:
enum { TEXT_BUTTON_HEIGHT = 25 };
Enums are often preferred over defines, for the most part just because debuggers understand them better.
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