Among None for the TI-83+ and TI-84
So, I've been sitting on a little program called Magnifier that takes an 8x16 part of the graph screen and stores it in a string to display on the home screen since around October of last year.

In March, I decided to finally try and use the thing in a program, perhaps as some sort of April fools joke game as I had done last year. So after a fair bit of debugging, I finally got the thing into a working state, and tried connecting it to the TI-basic basic maze game engine that's posted as an example on TI-Basic Dev (The same one I based Sonic TI-Blast off of) to allow for multi screen mazes that could be stored in a picvar.

Turns out this had its own slew of issues when getting it to do multiple screens, and I ended up missing the April 1st deadline by a fair amount. I was originally going to do some sort of desert bus thing, where you'd wait on the ship for an hour, deliver a package, and then wait another hour, but I figured I'd just skip that step now since that didn't really make it any more engaging and would have just bloated the engine. Also loading screens.

TL;DR, This is a new way to store maps for so those TI-Basic maze games can mazes.

If you want to know more about how the thing works, read the Readme and check the code, as I've already rambled enough here.

The default map included is an 80x64 version of the Skeld from Among Us(using 92x64 maps causes domain issues that would require more trouble than it's worth to fix) contained in Pic2.

Technically, MAGNIFER.8xp and to a lesser extent AMONGNON should work just fine on TI-84+ CE/CSE with some small adjustments and a new picvar- I'd just have to change the amount of pixels scanned on the graph screen from 8x16 to 10x26, and change the amount of pixels shifted when changing sections of the screen from 8 vertically to 10 vertically and 16 horizontally to 26 horizontally respectively...

Anyway, I've submitted Among None to the archives. You can download it here.
This gives me some Illusiat vibes. xd
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