Here's a fun golfing challenge womp, Logical, and I devised in HCWP:

Write the smallest TI-BASIC code that throws an Archive Full error on a freshly fully-reset CE running OS 5.3.0 (with a daunting 3014KB of archive space)

Your score for this challenge is size on calc - 9 - program name length, as usual. Run time doesn't matter. No assembly snippets. Multiple subprograms are allowed, your score is their individual scores combined.


  1. jacobly: 18 bytes confirmed by me- we all know jacobly is a huge liar about this kind of stuff :roll:
  2. commandblockguy: 547 bytes
Here's my initial entry, at 547 bytes.

It uses illegal tokens, but they're not required for this to work, I'm just somewhat lazy.
I'm not providing source so everyone is, of course,
free to doubt me.... but I had to make a PoC anyway.
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