So, recently I saw a video where someone played music on a Steam Controller. So of course, I decided to give it a try myself. After trying the code that they gave, I decided that I could do better.
So, without further ado, playing music on a Steam controller, but on a CE:

This, of course, uses jacobly's USB library to send commands to the controller. I convert MIDI files to a compacted version of the format that the controller expects using a modified version of Pila's program, which I can then convhex and send to the calc. From there, I can read the data on-calc and send it as a USB request to the device.

I'll open-source this once I get the converter working properly - right now it's exactly the same as the existing converter except that it writes the data (as well as the MIDI timestamp) to file as well as the device. Because I haven't gotten around to rewriting it yet, this means that the Steam dongle has to be plugged in, and that the conversion process takes as long as the song does to play.

EDIT: some guy on Reddit was bothering me about it, so I created GitHub repositories for the player and the converter.
Hey this is very nice work - love it!

Of course it had to be a rickroll XD.
You'll have to blame PT for that; I asked #cemetech to name any song (kg583 actually suggested Happy Birthday first, but I decided against that as I wanted a more complicated one) and PT gave me that one.

In other news, the video is actually doing pretty well for some reason. I normally don't care about view counts for my videos, but this one is actually set to hit 1000 views in about two hours, which is almost twice as much as everything else on my channel has gotten combined. People have also spent more time watching this video than it took for me to set it up, which is neat.
This is actually really cool! I love seeing that there's still people willing to spend time doing this kind of thing. It kind of reminds me of this.
It could be a nice addition to the band Laughing
Yeah, I've seen the Floppotron too, and really liked the idea. I'm considering adding my 3D printer to this, too, as it has three motors on it that I could control (though probably not precisely) with serial commands using srldrvce. That would bring the number of concurrent notes up to 5. If anyone else has any suggestions for other common devices that normally aren't used to play sounds that could be cajoled into playing sound using USB or serial, I'd love to hear them.
This is relevant to my interests. Awesome idea.
I apparently recorded this video shortly after the other one, but never uploaded it anywhere. I just found it while cleaning up a hard drive, so here ya go:
What laptop is on the right in the first video?
arusher999 wrote:
What laptop is on the right in the first video?

It's a MSI GL63.
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