so ....
i have a pi zero w.
(i know im already dead at just that).
anyone here use blender on toaster PCs in general?
if so, it would be nice to hear what settings you changed to make it run faster/better!
Im just trying to make an animation for school, and have used blender before. thr version im using is 2.79b (i think).
thanks in advance!
Really, the best thing to do is work with low poly models at low resolutions- A pi zero is far from ideal for even running an os, much less something as intensive as 3d modelling.
haha my render goes brrrrrrr

this took me 5 minutes to set up, and about 30 seconds to render. better picture soon.
If you're able to use Blender 2.8+, their Eevee rendering engine would well-suited to slower devices.
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