This is a bittersweet day, the arrival of my new tablet PC, ThinkPrhh, and the effective retirement of my tablet PC of over two years, Prhh. Prhh was an HP tablet from Woot, purchased for $705 including shipping in February 2009. It had an AMD Turion x2 64-bit processor, 3GB of RAM, and originally either a 160GB or 250GB hard drive. Unfortunately, I dropped it when it was still a young laptop, crashing its hard drive and needing a replacement, but luckily not breaking its screen. It has served me very well through completing my undergraduate degree, starting and finishing my Master's, and beginning my PhD. It enjoyed Windows Vista and Windows 7, and was indeed my only computer to ever run Vista. It was a tablet PC, like all my laptops, with a Wacom digitizer and a capacitive touchscreen for fingers.

My new tablet PC, ThinkPrhh, is a ThinkPad x201t tablet PC. It sports a 2.13GHz Core i7 CPU, 4GB of RAM, a 320GB HDD, WiFi, Bluetooth, and even a WiBroad (what's the term for this?) modem, and of course my favorite Wacom digitizer. It looks like the battery life is extremely impressive too; I'll get to try this out on a bus trip tomorrow. I managed to install all my usual programs and apps that I can remember this evening, and I'll update you guys with impressions. So far my only complaints are tiny touchpad (but I like the IBM nub) and no capacitive touch.

Sorry for the poorly-lit cellphone photo
Very nice specs! Also, sorry to hear about you dropping your old laptop.
Yeah, I am excited about it. I stress-test it specs-wise doing some gaming this weekend with my fellow Cemetech staff. Thanks about dropping my laptop; I had done so with my previous laptop once, perhaps twice. Sad
What are you going to do with your old tablet? I could give it a new home if you're just going to throw it out. Wink

Tsk tsk. That lighting is just absurd. You should have used a softbox from above (though a light and pillow case will work) and set the brightness of both laptops at the same, then exposed for the monitors.


Great specs! Impressed by an i7 in that thing. Dual or Quad Core? By the wording it sounds like it's a single core, correct? I'll have to find that mouse of mine and participate in stress testing.
The old tablet is going to get refurbished (replacement power supply and hard drive) and go to Chrystina, who has wanted a tablet PC for note-taking for a long time. Sorry to disappoint you, DShiznit. Smile ComicIDIOT, photography gripes aside, ThinkPrhh is a quad-core Core i7; Prhh was a dual-core AMD Turion 64.
I had a feeling you already had a home for it. Anyway those are some nice specs. I have some freeware LCars-themed software that would be perfect for it if you're interested.
DShiznit wrote:
I had a feeling you already had a home for it. Anyway those are some nice specs. I have some freeware LCars-themed software that would be perfect for it if you're interested.
Thanks, that's a cool idea, I might let you know about that. As far as configuration goes, I basically made it exactly like my old one, importing my Firefox profile, all my files, my theme, etc, but I'd be open to something new.
so, just to be sure, you are not going to bake it in the oven like you did your lst one?

XD Razz
That was actually an ancillary tablet PC, not one of the ones in my usual line. I actually need to do that again, the last time didn't take. Here's my progress of computers:

(0) Prehistory: borrowed a Compaq laptop from a friend long-term, found a broken Acer tablet PC and was never able to fix it
(1) First tablet PC ("Disconnected"): bought in 2006, Toshiba m205 tablet PC, Centrino, 512MB RAM, etc
(2) Second tablet PC ("Bitbucket"): bought used from a fellow REU participant, summer 2007. Gateway tablet PC, Pentium M, 1GB (?), later upgraded to 2GB, huge screen, but proprietary non-Wacom digitizer, which was a pain
(3) Third tablet PC ("Prhh"): HP tablet PC, bought in February 2009
(4) Fourth tablet PC ("ThinkPrhh"): Thinkpad tablet PC, bought in March 2011
KermMartian wrote:
So far my only complaints are tiny touchpad (but I like the IBM nub) and no capacitive touch.

Why on earth would you ever use a touchpad when you have a *ahem* TrackPoint-Style Pointer? In all seriousness, I find them to be by far the most usable sort of mouse (though the enormous glass trackpad on my MBP is nice too). I still miss mine with its vertical button layout on my old Toshiba.

Whence comes the name "Prhh"?
Translate it into Atbash and you'll see. Smile In a related theme, my netbook is Sfth, my office desktop is Hsnllkrv, and my home desktop is Xsibhgrmz. And yes, I used to love the "TrackPoint-Style Pointer" on the IBM laptops that my high school used for workstations, so it's a welcome return.
Nice computer Kerm Smile
ScoutDavid wrote:
Nice computer Kerm Smile
Thanks very much, Scout. Smile I'll let you guys know how UT2004 and AoE2 play on it, and I'll try to take a better picture when I get a chance.
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